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V2X Charger

Author: Source: Datetime: 2018-04-04 12:30:10
Hitachi Europe Ltd., Mitsubishi Motors and ENGIE carried out project cooperation in order to explore the feasibility of using electric vehicles as energy storage devices in office buildings. To this end, the three alliances connected Hitachi's V2X Charger to ENGIE's office building in Zaandam, The Netherlands.
V2X Charger
Hitachi's V2X Charger is the first charger that can both charge electric vehicles and transmit energy back to the building/grid. In addition, solar panels and external energy storage devices may also be directly connected to the charger to make the building more energy efficient.

The V2X Charger can be connected to the energy supply in the building. When the solar energy generated in the building is higher than its demand, the excess energy will be stored in the battery of the electric vehicle. When necessary, the internal electric energy of the electric vehicle battery can be transmitted back to the grid. Therefore, the on-board battery can be used as an energy storage device and an emergency power supply.
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