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User manual for Portable solar power generation systems

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-20 23:53:53

User manual for Portable solar power generation systems

Thanks for choosing Portable solar power generator that produced by UFO Technology Co., Ltd. Here are the details:


Portable solar power system is a removable portable solar generator, it’s designed for outdoor or mountainous regions, families that always cutoff power. We produced the portable solar power system comprises solar panels, the main system chassis, two sets of LED lighting, multi-line mobile phone charger, and the corresponding battery line. The storage battery, charge controller and inventer internal circuit in the main classis system have been fixed. The external contains power supply output port.

 portable solar power generator

There is no need to purchase extra equipment when you choose our portable solar generator for homes. It can be charged by simply connected the battery panels power cord to the host system. Without any installation and commissioning work, just turn on the switch which can be used easily and quickly.


1,The types of portable solar power systems

The portable solar power system can be divided into two types: one is pure 12V DC output solar lighting system, this equipment is only used for lighting, phone charging and for the DC electrical appliance, such as DC pumps, fans and TV; the other one not only contains 12V DC output but also the 220V AC output solar power system, This device is available in addition to DC and DC electrical lighting use, but also to the general home appliances, such as household electric fans, televisions, computers and refrigerators. What specifically can be drive to home appliances, that depends on the size of the output power generation system.


2. How to make sure the size of solar power generator system.

  There are two names for solar power generation system in the current market. One is based on the size of the panels, another is the size of output power. Please do not confuse them. As the panel used for our model D200-2 is 200W, the output power is 1000W, we called 200W solar power generation system. There are other businesses called 1000W solar power generation system, customers do not understand details will take the latter one as large capacity one, but in fact, it’s the same.


3. How long can be used for the power of solar power systems.

This problem have been repeatedly mentioned by customers, that depends on three factors: the size of power panels, and the use of electrical power. Panels’ power determined how much power can be made a day, the capacity of storage battery determined how much power can be saved, the used electrical power determined how much power is consumed. As for what kind of appliances can be drive, that’s depend on the size of output power.


For instance, the model D400-2 solar power generation system, this is for 400W battery panels. The largest output power is 1000W. the average generating capacity is 1.6-2.4KWH per day,(1.6-2.4 kilowatt), the storage battery power for the solar power generation system is 200AH, the largest power storage is 2.4 KWH (2.4 kilowatt), according to 70% output rate, nearly 2 kilowatt for power consumption. So we can understand that the power should reach 1000W to drive the electric appliance, otherwise it’s overload. If serve for a 500W electric cooker. It can be supply only 4 hours; if serve for a 100 W television. It can be supply for more than 20 hours. If there are also any other electric appliance, the time will decrease accordingly.


4,Regarding to portable solar generator working life and quality guarantee.

   Solar battery panel: the working life will be 20-25 years and the quality guarantee will be 5 years.

   Host system: the working life will be 8-10 years and the quality guarantee will be 3 years.


5,Regarding to the transportation.

 We choose express door-to-door delivery and logistics from mentioning in accordance with the system size. Cartons or wooden package will adopt when shipping, customers needn’t worry about it. In order to avoid the damage, be sure to face unpacking inspection when receive it. If damaged in transit, manufacturers will undertake and redeliver.


6,Regarding to the payment

 3-5 days upon receiving the payment. cash on delivery in not acceptable, customers can choose PayPal, Bank Transfer or pay to the company account, We may open a formal sales invoices for billing, just plus three points on the basis of the original price.

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