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Unmanned Future

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-07 18:51:29

For the future, by looking forward to: to the big screen as a control system is a start, Tesla must change is the traditional traffic mode, the next step is unmanned.


Tesla's unmanned plan began in September 2014. At that time, the company released the statement said that the future release of the Model S models will be equipped with a unified Autopilot system, at the same time, the inside of the car will also install remote radar, front camera and sensor etc.. From then on, Tesla's car with a semi automated hardware and software configuration. This is the first stage of musk attempt: the whole system can help the user to keep the car from the control, acceleration, deceleration and braking functions, the next step is to test unmanned function. It’s a big progress, it’s like a “all-in-one” design in solar power generator.


The emergence of new technologies are often exciting and intimidating. Tesla's innovation to mankind from the unmanned further, but also some people oppose the musk a step forward. October 2016, German transport minister Alexander Dobrint asked Tesla to stop using the Autopilot name in Germany, the use of the name, think it is implied that the owner does not need to focus attention in the course of travel. Subsequently, the Holland vehicle Certification Center also began to support Dobrin Te.

But the question did not stop by the vision of the future. Musk believes, is the final form of driverless electric cars in the future, the opposition will eventually as the technology matures gradually eliminate, so now the most important thing is to test and accumulation.

 solar car

So in October 19th this year, Tesla's conference call, Mask made it clear that in the future every car Tesla production will be equipped with fully automatic driving function.


Musk is not rashly against the parties questioned. Full automatic driving is his initial dream, he has done a lot of preparation for this. He said that Tesla's new car will be equipped with a new computer, its computing power will be 40 times more than the previous generation upgrade. The number of the camera to upgrade to 8, imaging, sonar and radar sensor will be upgraded to 12, anew neural network car "". This set of neural network, in 2017 will be able to bring the user from New York to Losangeles, in the middle of no need to touch".

By this time is still strong. The final form of the enterprises in different areas all things in the imagination car, this is the trend of development of the industry. As long as the firm direction, by Tesla subversive innovation will allow for attention. The difference is that the future is not far away, Tesla driverless function will be seen in 2107.


Accelerate the world's shift to sustainable energy.


Tesla electric car before the success of Mask, and ordinary entrepreneurs like. In the eyes of investors, he was not the founder of PayPal online payment platform, but a company has no profit ability, each car sale loss of $4000, even in the area of the first wholesale car China ceremony was the siege of the customer problem. Compared with the initial status of many entrepreneurs, Tesla and musk are worse.


But no matter how the problem encountered, Mask or LED Tesla came over. His crazy ideals did not compromise to the rapid commercialization, but also because the outside world to change the question to change the trajectory of the pursuit of dreams.


Tesla recently announced the 2016 third quarter results, the company's net profit of $22 million, ushered in the second quarter earnings after the listing. After multiple trials since the founding, Tesla's situation is gradually improved, and this is the source to adhere to the "rock" - like musk.


But musk is not limited to dream about Tesla electric car.


The local time on October 28, 2016, Tesla held a press conference in Losangeles, announced the "Musk solar roof" and a new solar power batteries system plan. In the Tesla and solar company SolarCity (SolarCity is the first American people use solar panel installation company) ready to merge the occasion, musk depicts a beautiful vision to investors: "solar roof + + battery electric vehicle".


In your room, there is a solar roof (there are four kinds of style, including terracotta), in the garage, a new Powerwall 2 battery system and car charger, the connected system will give you the whole room and your solar car tesla.

 Unmanned Future

Mask believes that the United States currently has 45 million new roof, while in the world, this figure will be 20 times bigger. As more and more of the roof is being refurbished, more and more people will use solar roof. "I hope that one day, when people are building new houses, they say to their neighbors! How cool is my roof!" Mask said, "but it's not likely to happen in the past."


Although it is not clear that the cost of the solar roof and launch time, but Mask said that their goal is to make solar roofs become cheaper, more powerful and better.


Although many people think that Tesla is an electric car company Tesla, but the purpose is not to build cars, as Tesla's official website describes, "to accelerate the transition to the world of sustainable energy, like solar backup generator system" is a dream for the young musk.

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