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Unlimited Energy And Tesvolt In Australia

Author: Source: Datetime: 2018-06-25 12:14:44
When it was established seven years ago and produced a commercial harvest of avocados in the past three years, a five-hectare farm in Pemberton, Western Australia, decided to leave the net completely. As of June 21, 2018, it has been running 660 days of self-generation.

The farm is powered by a 53 kw solar PV module powered by a 160 kWh seawater battery system supplied by US manufacturer Aquion Energy and a 48 kWh lithium ion battery supplied by German manufacturer Tesvolt.
Although the owners of the farm are keen on 100% self-sufficiency, the project's further impetus comes from the high costs they have to pay to expand the regional grid to meet increased electricity demand.

The system powers the operation of all farms, including an irrigation system that drains rainwater stored in tanks during the winter in five hectares of farms in the hot summer months of Western Australia. Electricity is also provided to the farm workers' living quarters - the number of them varies throughout the season.
Unlimited Energy And Tesvolt In Australia
According to Torsten Ketelson, founder and CEO of EPC Unlimited Energy, and Tesvolt's representative in Australia, this is a large commercial project that requires a lot of power to cut physical connectivity to the regional grid, representing confidence in the technology.

The initial installation included only photovoltaic arrays and brine batteries, and Ketelson noted that this was the only technology that had a green certificate at the time. However, this system was not enough to make the farm completely self-sufficient, and 48 kWh Tesvolt batteries were added to correct this problem.
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