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Unfavorable Factors Affecting the Development of the Lithium Batteries Industry

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-20 11:30:09

(1) small-scale enterprises, lack of financial strength Lithium equipment manufacturing

enterprises need a lot of money into the equipment and plant, for example when produce lifepo4 batteries, at the same time, the product unit value is higher, the production cycle is longer, need more liquidity. Most enterprises in the industry are small and medium-sized enterprises, financing channels are limited, facing certain financial difficulties.


(2) industry standards lag


Lithium equipment manufacturing is non-standardized special equipment manufacturing, the current domestic industry has not yet formed a unified standard, resulting in the industry design, there are many differences in product performance, domestic lithium equipment industry, the urgent need to develop uniform industry standards. At present, to the Company as the representative of the leading enterprises have begun to take the lead drafting and development of industry standards, which will promote further standardization of the development of the industry.


(3) the impact of technology substitution on the company


The company belongs to the industry for lithium equipment manufacturing industry, the main technology from the downstream production of lithium technology to enhance the requirements. Companies use common technology research and development and application of the industry product design technology required in the field of advanced equipment manufacturing a wide range of applications, innovation and enhance the space, generally does not appear technical alternative risk. While the company may face downstream products, technology and application changes to bring some "alternative" risk.


Lithium-ion battery is superior to lead-acid, nickel-hydrogen and other batteries in high energy density, high voltage, long life, no memory effect, etc., and lithium-ion battery has occupied the main market of consumer electronics products such as mobile phone, notebook computer and so on. , The future with the lithium battery production technology and further enhance the performance, will occupy energy storage batteries such as use in solar powered portable generator, power batteries and other areas of the major markets. However, the introduction of new energy storage technologies in the future, the emergence of new alternative products may have an impact on the production and application of lithium-ion battery, and to the upper reaches of lithium equipment manufacturing to a certain extent.


(4) the impact of international market impact on the company


At present, along with BYD, BAK, power of God, Guangyu and a number of lithium companies, the growth of China in the global lithium market share of rapid increase. The future, with China's lithium resources, the advantages of reserves, manufacturing cost advantages and market size advantage of further play, China's lithium market in the global market share will be further enhanced. However, with the gradual increase in China's human resources costs, manufacturing cost advantage may gradually weaken; the same time, foreign lithium-ion equipment manufacturers technical level is still in a more leading position. With the future changes in competition, foreign lithium equipment is still possible to cause a certain impact on the domestic market.


(5) the impact of industry bottlenecks on the company


Downstream customers of lithium production equipment, precision, reliability, there are strict requirements, and precision machining technology is a prerequisite for product quality control. The quality related with user experience, for example when combine lifepo4 battery pack, the consistency is really important. Through years of accumulated experience and technology, has a certain degree of precision machining experience and improve the quality control system, with the precision machining capacity. However, with Japan, South Korea, compared with competitors in the industry, the domestic basic machining capacity, fine processing capacity there is still a gap. How to improve the consistency of product management systems and assembly has been to some extent become the domestic lithium-ion battery equipment manufacturing industry development bottleneck.

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