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US election Energy Outlook Comparison between Trump and Clinton

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-17 00:17:47

US election: Energy Outlook Comparison between Trump and Clinton

US presidential election, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and Republican candidate Trump healthy mouth focus of media attention, people tend to ignore their political views in the end what is the difference. Following is a Yale Environment360 finishing Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump's position in the climate and energy sector, it related portable solar power generator, we can see that in addition to relatively close to natural gas, the views of other aspects of the two presidential candidates differ even completely opposite.solar energy storage system

--Climate change

Hillary: I believe in science, climate change is true, clean energy can save the planet, it can also create jobs.

Trump: The concept of climate change is out of the entire Chinese, the purpose is to combat the US manufacturing sector.

- Oil and Gas Industry

Hillary: restrict onshore oil and gas development, disfavor of offshore oil and gas development, against Arctic oil and gas development.

Trump: deregulation of the oil and gas industry, support the development of oil and gas resources in all areas.


Hillary: Removal of mainstream energy status of coal, it is recommended to come up with $ 30 billion to help the coal industry restructuring.

Trump: Support mainstream energy status of coal miners to return to work.

--natural gas

Hillary: Natural gas is the leading renewable energy bridge.

Trump: strong support for natural gas as part of the energy strategy.

--Renewable Energy

Hillary: efforts to achieve renewable energy accounted for 25% in the 2025.

solar energy outlook sheet

Trump: The government should not interfere with all kinds of energy technology innovation. However, solar energy storage system"is very expensive."

- Carbon tax

Hillary: non-committal.

Trump: Anti-carbon tax will lead to a large number of US unemployment.

- Paris climate agreement

Hillary: support this historic agreement.

Trump: opposition, was elected to launch the agreement and withdraw all US funding for the UN climate change projects.

- Obama "clean electricity plan"

Hillary: Support, and clean electricity plan only minimum standards, to expand and improve the standard of clean electricity.

Trump: Objection, if elected, will be withdrawn this stupid plan.

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