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UNSW LED A Number Of Asian Bbattery Manufacturers To Develop Hydrogen Passivation Process

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-08 14:06:03
Professor Wenham was interviewed by PV Tech's daily PV journalist at last week's European PVSEC in Paris. He said a number of major lifepo4 batteries  manufacturers in China, Taiwan, Korea and Singapore will work with UNSW to conduct hydrogen passivation research and equipment retrofits that will help improve the quality of silicon wafers and possibly To ensure low cost under the premise of improving the efficiency of the lifepo4 batteries. UNSW's research on this technology has been going on for several years, and we have been able to show our technology to manufacturers very simply. He said that these manufacturers are very interested in our show and hope to co-sponsor UNS Solar Street Light Order Contract W to carry out research and development, and in the industrialization process of cooperation.

Photovoltaic panel bracket installation

Different from previous cooperation or patent licensing, Professor Wenham said: (hydrogen passivation process) is not a whole battery design, it is only a process to improve the quality of silicon, it seems this process can be with all battery manufacturers Production process compatible. Therefore, in our display to the manufacturers, regardless of what kind of lifepo4 batteries technology they use, no matter what kind of silicon they use, we can effectively improve the quality of its silicon.
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Hydrogen passivation process

Professor Wenham said that although the photovoltaic industry are more or less understanding of hydrogen passivation technology, but the UNSW research shows that the previous understanding of hydrogen blunt flower how shallow. This technology is likely to increase the lifepo4 battery pack performance without increasing the cost of the premise. At present, our focus is mainly on how to control the amount of hydrogen in the silicon charge, if we can control it, you can greatly improve the hydrogen diffusion coefficient in the silicon material, improve the hydrogen passivation defects or other composite center efficiency . So any use of silicon-based battery manufacturers can theoretically use a very low cost to use this technology.

Cooperative research and development

At present, about lifepo4 battery pack manufacturers have signed this cooperative R & D project, which is similar to the joint venture R & D cooperation model is common in the semiconductor industry, but in the photovoltaic industry has not been popular, but Professor Wenham also pointed out that participating in the project Not only Asian battery manufacturers, equipment manufacturers in Europe including Meyerberg and Schmid donated part of the equipment for the project, and the hydrogen passivation process for transformation. Professor Wenham said the final equipment manufacturers will launch specifically designed for hydrogen passivation of commercial equipment.

This kind of research and development cooperation can let you invest every penny has a better return. I estimate that each company may actually spend only 5% of the total R & D costs, in addition to about 10 companies, the Australian Renewable Energy Agency ARENA will provide the remaining part of the R & D costs. Lifepo4 battery pack manufacturers may be more interested in such cooperation in the current difficult times of the industry. However, although the basic process of battery manufacturing is similar, but each manufacturer due to different lifepo4 battery design or will get different efficiency.

Unlike traditional university-led next-generation battery technology R & D projects, the commercialization of hydrogen passivation will be more rapid. We expect this technology can be integrated almost immediately into the existing lifepo4 battery production line. But I think that if we want to explore the full potential of hydrogen passivation, we also need to find a revolutionary partner with the battery design, we believe that partners will certainly be able to benefit from the technology to improve battery performance. Professor Wenham concludes.

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