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UK Storage Developer Has Battery Development Investment

Author: Source: Datetime: 2017-07-12 13:14:57

UK Storage Developer Hedon has invested 30 million in investing in infrastructure investments £ Zouk invests to help it further pursue battery development.

The agreement will see the most likely to use green hedge plans to deploy its so-called "barn" lithium-ion battery energy storage device, most of which is aimed at establishing the next 12 months.

UK storage

The completion of the assets must be maintained - from the hedge of the past business model, to see its assets sold to like anesco-business and domestic-oriented ancillary services market mechanisms such as capacity markets.

Green hedges as part of the UK renewable energy market began in a fraction of the year, probably more widely known as a solar leasing company. However, in late January, the company divested its operation and maintenance department to sell it back, the managing director Tess Sundelin joined the German company under the umbrella.

Since then, the green hedge has been in the storage market to establish its own position and build its pipeline.

Massimo Resta, a partner at Zouk Capital, praised the progress of the hedge in the "risky" energy storage business and support business in the power sector that is "changing."
"This creates an opportunity for flexible assets such as solar power batteries, and we believe we have the right team to take advantage of these opportunities," he said.
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