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UK INRG Increases Installed Capacity Of Solar Power

Author: Source: Datetime: 2019-01-12 10:21:56
Developer INRG has increased the planned installed capacity of the project, and this week the UK Raven Solar Power Plant project is nearing completion.

In January of this year, INRGSolar revealed that the company used the British steel company's plants in Broughton and Scunthorpe to develop 120MW solar power batteries solar power plants and 50MW battery energy storage projects, and the project was merged into the local 132kV power grid.
UK INRG Increases Installed Capacity Of Solar Power
The project is currently in the second phase of public consultation. Potential projects have been upgraded to include 150MW solar photovoltaic and 90MW battery energy storage projects.

The project is one of two projects in the UK that exceeds the 50MW review threshold and needs to be reviewed by the National Planning Authority.
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