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Two-Way Future Of Power Battery

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-20 17:51:09
ZhongtianZhongtian Energy Storage Technology Co., Ltd. CTO Dr. Jin Cheng uranium in the intelligent control of the electric future "2016 (second) Guangzhou International Electric Vehicle Industry Summit published the" two-way future of power battery "keynote speech that the echelon use and upgrading The future of the two power battery way out.

It is understood that transit energy storage is a wholly-owned subsidiary of transit technology, the main lithium-ion battery and lifepo4 battery pack energy storage battery system, won the national demonstration of intelligent manufacturing the only one lithium-ion battery company. With an annual output of 300 million Ah, has started 2 billion pilot source power engineering three, 2017 annual production capacity of 1 billion Ah.

Echelon use has become the choice of many battery manufacturers. Judging from the reality of market demand, the mileage of new energy vehicles down year after year, how to resolve the cost pressures during this period? "Price 0.8 yuan / wh, energy density
300wh / kg, 1500 cycles "of the battery" far water can not save the near fire ", and only from the global nickel and cobalt volume considerations, limited resources can not support the practical needs of the battery.Ladder utilization can not only solve the cost problem, The battery can be retired for the electric vehicle to find a way out, the most important thing is that the use of waste batteries should follow the first echelon utilization of renewable principles.

From the solar powered portable generator energy density point of view, in 2020 reached 300wh / kg battery target, based on the most urgent need to improve the anode material, the current silicon carbon anode material has been a number of battery companies of all ages. Zhongtian storage on the use of high-Ni + silicon + carbon negative electrode developed a energy density of up to 300wh / kg of the battery. From a security point of view, the power battery will be the future of solid-state batteries, lithium-sulfur batteries, fuel cell transition. But the cycle life of the problem is a huge system engineering, power battery is still a long way to go.

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