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Two Japanese Solar PV Plants Put Into Commercial Operation

Author: Source: Datetime: 2017-01-23 08:33:55
Canadian SolarInc., NASDAQ: Two Japanese solar PV plants (totaling 12.7 megawatts) developed by the company were put into commercial operation, according to a CSIQ news release on Jan. 18. The two power stations are the Aomori Solar Power Station of 10.2 megawatts and the 2.5 megawatt Saitama Solar Power Station in Miyano-machi, Saitama, in Rokkucho, Aomori Prefecture.
Two Japanese Solar PV Plants Put Into Commercial Operation
"We are pleased to see the two power plants being put into commercial operation and the successful integration of the two power plants has enabled us to increase our total power plant operation in Japan," said Dr. Qu Xiaohua, Chairman, President and CEO of AT & T Solar Power Group. Reaching 58.51 megawatts, which is another important milestone in our energy business strategy and we look forward to building and operating more high-quality photovoltaic power plants in Japan. "

A total of 48,488 Artes CS6P-P portable solar power generator solar modules were installed at Aomori Solar Power Station and Saitama Solar Power Station, generating a total of 14,673 MWh of clean electricity per year. Two power stations were put into commercial operation in December 2016. Tohoku Electric Power Co., Inc. signed a 20-year power purchase agreement with AT & T, of which the power purchase price for Aomori Power Station was 36 days Yuan ($ 0.31) per kilowatt-hour, the power purchase price for Saitama Power Station is 32 yen ($ 0.27) per kilowatt-hour.
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