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3.Trump won the election benefit to these major industries--2

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-11 16:34:31

Winners: Infrastructure


During the campaign, Trump promised to spend billions of dollars of public funds to improve the infrastructure in the United States, the ageing problem, the proposal, or may bring an additional 0.5% to US GDP growth. Trump lists a long list of lists: highways, bridges, tunnels, airports, schools, hospitals, and so on.


Previously, the international monetary and financial institutions (OMFIF) advisory committee chairman, Professor of economics at the London School of economics, Professor Lord (Meghnad Desai) specifically wrote the Trump's political economics report. Desai is one of the few of Trump's slightly positive attitude of the economist.


He pointed out that, first of all, the characteristics of pure trump will merchant wealth rather than as the debt burden, which is conducive to Trump after taking office to revive the U.S. infrastructure. He also pointed out that the U.S. infrastructure does need to continue to repair, the U.S. infrastructure is too old. Must be improved as soon as possible, in the past 25 years, almost no too much repair or update." According to DESAY's estimates, the current U.S. infrastructure investment in the total gap of $3 trillion and 630 billion. The base infrastructure is not like a new energy such as solar power generator, so its better to repair.


DESAY also for Trump refers to a bright way: after taking power to learn the Eisenhower model, investment in infrastructure. In 50s of last century, under the Eisenhower administration, the United States in the past 5~6 years to GDP each year to invest in the construction of 5% of the infrastructure, and to start the construction of the U.S. interstate highway network.


However, long-term infrastructure Investors Association is responsible for the Chenke (Eugene Zhuchenko) has pointed out that the main reason for the infrastructure investment is not prosperous, public capital investment and low efficiency, private funds should be relatively more efficient, but the United States for private capital into the infrastructure sector without much interest. At the same time the public private partnership system (PPP) in the United States is not popular, and now the United States has only 10 states have PPP project, 1/3's state does not have PPP legislation.


Winner: National Defense Industry


During the campaign, Trump has publicly that attitude, asked the U.S. Congress to stop all cuts in the defense budget, and will increase military spending, reconstruction of the United States Army, rising defense budget cuts in government spending may be inappropriate to offset, and greatly expanded U.S. submarines, ships and combat troops, it is good for the United States Defense large main contractor the project of the Raytheon Co, Boeing, Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman company.


Jeffrey defense analyst Maurice (Sandy Morris) believes that the real core issue is the basic defense budget, it will be a great progress, the United States Department of defense can make long-term plans for their long call.


Maurice added that, as the Republican controlled Congress, the legislation has a "realistic outlook", in short, good for national defense suppliers.


Loser: automobile manufacturing industry


Because of Trump's anti trade sentiment, the North American auto industry may be hit: many small car capacity car manufacturers will transfer to Mexico, Trump not only against the North American Free Trade Agreement, more opposed to the "trans Pacific Partnership Agreement" (TPP).


Trump believes that TPP led to the loss of U.S. manufacturing to overseas, will destroy the U.S. manufacturing, especially in the automotive industry, and had repeatedly criticized the U.S. auto maker Ford.


Ford in April this year, Mexico plant in the production of small cars. In 2015, GM announced that it will invest $350 million in the Mexico area of Coahuila, South Korea and the United States in the original production of Chevrolet Cruze production moved to Mexico.


Trump had said that if the car company in Mexico, the production of cars to get back to the United States sales, it is to these cars to impose a 35% tariff.


It is necessary to point out that many Japanese car manufacturers will also be factories located in Mexico, in Trump after winning the election, the Japanese domestic enterprises very worried because the problem of relations between the United States and Mexico affect its business, while the exchange rate will also become a hidden danger.


Loser: renewable energy industry


Trump's assessment of wind energy is that "it's really expensive" and "killed all the birds", and he thinks the solar generator is too long. "Solar panels require a return period of 32 years." He said. In international politics, Trump also want to lead the United States to withdraw from the "Paris agreement".


In that he won the election after the news, many New Energy Company including Vestas shares tumbled. As Trump took office on his campaign speech in accordance with real consequences to design its energy program, which will completely subvert Obama's energy policy, climate change policy will return similar to the "Kyoto Protocol" period pattern.

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