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Trump won the election benefit to these major industries--1

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-11 16:29:08

Compared with the fuzzy foreign policy, US President elect Barack Trump's domestic policy is relatively clear: he mentioned many times during the campaign to abolish the Affordable Care Act, increase investment in infrastructure and the revitalization of oil and gas industry etc. At the same time, Trump also not too much interest in the renewable energy industry such as solar generator, new energy industry believes that many "too expensive".


Under this background, the first financial reporter combing the investment manager for the election results and the impact on the market may be seen in Trump, the victory of the situation, including the pharmaceutical industry, will produce oil and gas industry, infrastructure industry, defense industry and other four industries and two big losers: the renewable energy industry like solar power generator and automobile manufacturing industry.


However, as the debt credit risk assessment limited liability company national senior analyst Li Xin pointed out in an interview with Trump, first financial, domestic policy is relatively clear, but the ability to fully honor their commitments in doubt.


"As Republicans gain control over the Senate and the house of Representatives, we expect Trump to be more optimistic about the future in Congress, through policy proposals and the nomination of the judges." Li Xin said that some policies, such as lower income tax rates, increase infrastructure investment will be implemented, the future size of the U.S. budget deficit or will expand. But some policy proposals, while attracting the attention of the eye, at best, only the election language, exaggerated ingredients are, whether to honor a certain question.


Winner: pharmaceutical industry


If the United States Democratic candidate Hilary was elected, expect when the pharmaceutical companies will face greater pressure, because she wants to control prices rise, but Trump's victory makes us local time Wednesday (November 9th) the pharmaceutical stocks rose, reflecting investors Trump is expected to take more drug prices loose pricing method.


Only the world's largest drug maker Pfizer Inc (Pfizer) shares rose 10% in November 9th, trading in stocks, pharmaceutical manufacturer Elgen (Allergan) and Merck (Merck) shares are up 10% and 6%.


During the campaign, Trump put forward that the United States once again become good medical reform ", and promised to repeal the Affordable Care Act (commonly known as the" Obama reform "). Trump did not mention too much control of American drug prices, but he did suggest that American consumers can make imports cheaper drugs from overseas, but the pharmaceutical industry executives believe that the proposal will not work, because many overseas drug safety standards can not reach the United States drug needed.


Citi analyst Andrew Baum (Andrew Baum) said, "he is expected in the short term because the Democrats cannot obtain the presidency and control of Congress, so loose rebound in the industry and tone, excellent performance, but in the long term, in the aspect of pricing still see major legislation risk continued".


Winner: oil and gas industry


Hilary has proposed to reduce the U.S. oil consumption in the United States in 10 years after the election of 1/3. But say to seek the United States, energy independence and not fully depends on solar backup generator, Trump is strongly supported the oil and gas industry, he proposed for the oil and gas industry standard is whether the United States oil and gas workers benefit".


To this end, Trump promised during the campaign to develop more federal land and waters of fossil fuel exploration, encourage large-scale exploitation of fossil fuels, as well as the intention of approval by the Obama administration rejected the U.S. large oil pipeline project KeystoneXL, this series of policies will revive the US oil and gas industry.


Not only that, there is news that Trump plans to nominate U.S. shale giants, Continental Resources Inc. CEO ham (Harold Hamm) served as the Secretary of energy, ham is already one of the Trump senior consultant in the field of energy.


It will make us want to build large oil pipeline project KeystoneXL across Canada (Trans Canada), particularly benefit. Prior to this project in 2015 by the Obama government in the name of environmental protection, and Trump said, will once again invited to cross the Canada Company to submit a copy of the construction of the project.

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