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Toyota Turns On Pure Electric Vehicles

Author: Source: Datetime: 2018-01-05 14:38:20
In the field of hybrid technology, "dominate" Toyota Motor, strategic turn, but also in the field of pure electric vehicles to make some new business? According to Japanese media reports, Toyota announced on December 19 that the company plans to launch more than 10 electric vehicles by the beginning of 2020 in order to accelerate the layout of the global electric vehicle sector, and by 2025 to further reduce its engine models Is zero, then the global market for Toyota vehicles will be all replaced by pure electric vehicles (EV), plug-in hybrids (PHV), hybrids (HV) and so on.

In addition, while Toyota currently does not have a plan to launch a single electric car brand, there are indications that Toyota has selected the Chinese market as the place for its first electric model and then gradually imported to Japan, India, the United States and Europe.
Toyota Turns On Pure Electric Vehicles
Once the news was announced, it would undoubtedly become a "blockbuster" toyota dropped by the automobile market near the end of the year. In fact, Toyota was very cautious in the development of electric vehicles until Toyota actively promoted its hybrid and fuel cell technologies. The Toyota announced an uncharacteristically high profile into the field of electric vehicles, the industry veteran generally interpreted as Toyota to meet the new requirements of the Chinese market, "know the times" performance.

What makes Toyota one of the norm, how many times to adjust its corporate strategy in a few years, and to develop electric vehicles as the primary task now? Toyota after the "strategic turnaround" in the development of electric car project and what technical superiority? In addition to technical conquest, the Toyota products for the smooth market has done what prepared?

As one of the best car manufacturers in the world, Toyota has long been recognized worldwide for its automotive technology research and development. In particular, its hybrid technology has given Toyota its own lead from the traditional internal combustion engine era A new era of hybrid transition.

The absolute lead in hybrid technology has made Toyota somewhat conservative in the face of pure electric vehicles becoming the next "outlet" for the development of the industry. In Toyota's opinion, the objective factors of mileage protection, on-board battery technology and long charging time are the three major technical challenges in developing electric vehicles. In the current market environment, it still takes time for the accumulated deposits to mature.

Toyota's concern is true, but with the gradual promotion of environmental protection efforts and initiatives in many countries and regions in the world, the trend of change is further directed at the automobile manufacturing industry. From the perspective of improving fuel efficiency and using alternative fuels, Vehicle electrification has become the inevitable choice for the industry. In this context, the ban on the sale of fuel trucks, fuel-efficient vehicles in the city's access to the region to encourage car companies to develop new energy vehicles, give consumers preferential purchase subsidies and other policies come to fruition.

The development of a new electric energy-based electric vehicle-based strategy has become the industry consensus, see the "cornering overtaking" hope that the repairer new forces are menacing, have to create pure electric vehicles as a breakthrough, expectations in the traditional car prices massive aggression Pace ahead of the market segments. In addition to the highly successful Tesla Motors, the newly emerging Wei, Weimar and Bentley cars should not be underestimated, gaining the favor of market capitalization and have unlimited potential for future development.

In addition, traditional car makers are not far behind. This year's Guangzhou Auto Show announced the public on the Chinese market to invest 10 billion euros for research and development of new energy vehicles, the move called the joint venture brand in the domestic new energy market, the biggest move; In addition, in July this year, Beijing Automotive Group and Germany Daim Le Group signed a new framework cooperation agreement, the treaty states that both parties will jointly fund 5 billion yuan in China to build electric car production base and power battery factory, and in the Mercedes-Benz brand launch of the first electric car in 2020; At the same time, BMW, a luxury car company, was also built in Shenyang as a power battery factory. It is the third BMW Group globally and the first complete power battery center outside Germany.

Under the double attack of the traditional competitors' layout and the new forces making cars, Toyota also had to start thinking about the feasibility of "strategic turnaround" of the enterprise and put the development plan of pure electric vehicles on schedule earlier than expected.
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