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Toyota Prius May Publish Pure Electric Version

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-05 14:45:57
priusWith the rapid development of new energy vehicle market, this piece of cake seems to attract more and more attention of car manufacturers. Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, etc. have launched their own new energy vehicles, followed by the pace of development of the times. According to electric-jun understand that Toyota has also started the new energy electric vehicle market action, although Toyota had been struggling in the hydrogen energy vehicle market. However, recent moves show that Toyota did not give up the electric car market.

Recently, foreign media broke the news, a Toyota engineers broke the news, we have to keep the lithium battery stable method, bid farewell to the unstable lithium battery age (if Samsung battery has this technology, note7 will not be a fried machine). It is worth emphasizing that this technology can safely supply more energy without additional loss. (If the technology can be applied to the current electric vehicles, is nothing more than a revolutionary innovation)

In addition, Tesla and Nissan Group as early as 10 years ago began to use lithium batteries, but up to now the instability of lithium batteries has not been an effective solution. Until the Boeing aircraft smoke and many cell phone explosion occurred, and no one can not use lithium battery technology immature. However, the disclosure of Toyota engineers is expected to improve the use of lithium battery security.

According to Toyota Prius chief engineer Koji Toyoshima said: the next five years, the price of solar power batteries is expected to decline 60%, once the scale of production, the price per kilowatt-hour is about 145 US dollars. The decline in battery prices makes Toyota in the future to develop more compact, more energy-efficient batteries, battery control system will be more sophisticated. But Toyota declined to disclose the specific cost of producing batteries.

Through the lithium battery technology innovation Dongfeng, had been the hybrid electric as its strategic focus of Toyota, or will have been introduced before the hybrid pioneer on behalf of the Prius pure electric version. According to electric-jun understand that the current latest Prius is the fourth generation, a fully hybrid and plug-in hybrid version. On the current car prices of the electric car, most models are more expensive prices. If the solar power generator battery of new technologies used in pure electric version of the Prius car, do not know the price will not be reduced.
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