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Toshiba Notebook Battery Recall Plan

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-12 08:37:20
battery recall planFrom August 24 Samsung 7 South Korea's first bombing, to be forced to stop production of a comprehensive recall, which lasted 47 days "this farce" has become the smart phone development over the years the largest "security incidents." Behind the fire sparked the safety of smart phones for people to discuss, so that the safety of the public and the media this year, the most eye-catching sensitive topic. However, I am afraid not only need to pay attention to mobile phone batteries. Recently, the reporter was informed by the AQSIQ, Toshiba also launched a voluntary recall of the battery plan.

It is understood that Toshiba Information Machine (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. to the AQSIQ for the record recall plan will expand the recall of some Toshiba laptop batteries, as well as in the maintenance process to replace the LFP battery to the user, the recall of the Chinese mainland The number of affected batteries in the region is 5244. The main reason for the recall due to overheating of the battery hidden dangers, may cause the risk of combustion.

However, such a recall, Toshiba is not the first time this year.

In January 2016, Toshiba Computer Network (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. announced the recall of some Toshiba laptop batteries imported from Japan, the Chinese mainland affected the number of batteries for the 1090 block. For the reasons for the recall, Toshiba said, because part of the battery cell material mixed with inappropriate material (iron), in the battery charge and discharge process may cause short circuit, there are overheating risks, may cause the risk of combustion.

After a lapse of less than March, Toshiba has suffered a new round of recall. April 2016, Japan's Toshiba announced the global recall of 100,000 notebook computers, the same reason for the recall in the battery problem. Toshiba said the recall was within the scope of the laptop battery overheating risks, and four cases have occurred on the battery overheating and melting report.

Laptop battery problems have occurred in other brands. June of this year, Sony, Hewlett-Packard has announced the recall plan, the reasons are unanimous focus on the battery hidden. Since the Samsung Noto 7 fire after the incident was exposed, the safety of electronic products, the battery has become a sensitive area of consumer concern.

It is understood that most of the notebook currently on the market are selected to use lithium batteries, lithium batteries can be regarded as commercial batteries in the field of more mature technology, but the lithium battery itself is poor stability, such as by internal short circuit, Destruction, the moment is easy to fire, an explosion. Coupled with the current notebook market is generally the pursuit of thin and light and user comfort, ignoring the heat problem has also become one of the factors that affect security.

Although in the field of electronic products, in safety considerations, the product recall is more common things, especially the battery, it is often recalled as the "protagonist." But the battery performance problem is not an excuse, manufacturers should be installed in the battery safer and more cautious, shoulder the responsibility of consumer safety.
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