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To make the roof “electricity” Jiaojiang distributed off grid solar system pilot firstly

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-02 18:51:52
April 14, in the village of Jiaojiang A distributed PV pilot, the power technicians are install solar panels of PV solar generator for more than 50 local farmers. The street will be completed this year in the area of 40 administrative villages in 1500, and it is expected to install a distributed photovoltaic solar panel laying grid. The gained experience will be promote in the whole city.

According to the city issued the “Opinions on Supporting urban Taizhou distributed photovoltaic power generation projects", they will increase the support for distributed PV power generation, focused on the promotion of rooftop PV power generation, and to promote the healthy development of PV industry. The goal is the end of 2017, the urban distributed PV total installed capacity reach 300MW, the scale for distributed PV power generation will get a large promotion.
Since the power technicians are install distributed PV power generation solar panels for a roof-mounted home village farmer. The reporters said, on-grid PV power generation projects access capacity is 3kw to 8kw, according to the city's lighting conditions, it is expected to reach an annual generating capacity of 30000 degrees per household. In general, an ordinary family will use 2000-3000 degrees of electricity, that means the power can be left for a family, and they can also sell it to the power company, and enjoy the electricity subsidy.

It is understood that, according to our national policies and the city relevant optimize settlement service. The left electricity produced by distributed solar powered portable generator project will be acquisition implemented in full, free to system reserve capacity fees and related services. Distributed PV power generation projects and grid electricity will subsidy every month. Before the end of 2016, the built and distributed PV power generation project to implement the state's electricity subsidies 0.4153 yuan / kwh, since the Since the grid and the date of the actual amount of electricity generated by the local government subsidies and then 0.1 yuan / kWh subsidy for 5 years in a row. “compared with currently most common used thermal power generation, the advantages for PV power generation are obvious.” solar power system resources will not depletion, and it’s safe and reliable, noiseless, no Pollution etc, it comply with the current people on environmental protection requirement.

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