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Tiny Solar House In US

Author: Source: Datetime: 2017-01-04 15:08:44

Tiny Solar House In US

Saying that in the United States, there is such a fan of solar enthusiasts, a hobby to dry into a business, the sky is not a solar plane to fly Well, then the ground should also be running a solar hut, you can take it around travel, you Where is the home?

Tiny Solar House In US
"Tiny Solar House" is a pure solar cottage dedicated to travel and outdoor. The company's philosophy is that all those who love outdoor travel can have such a happy cottage for the travel belt Go for more happiness.

The company in order to promote their own tiny portable solar power generator houses, has traveled across the United States for 6 months, in the process, the blogger to share the pure solar energy life experience and inspiration, and the use of network shares the way to share the record, So far, the solar hut has traveled more than 10,000 miles in May, completing 15 state journeys and 10 national parks.
Tiny Solar House In US
The tiny solar house is about 18 feet long and 9 feet wide, and has a vertical entrance and a long external wall of cedar. The small house is an off-grid, which means people do not need to rely on electricity or sewage systems. Because it is pure off-grid system, outdoor travel enthusiasts can fully experience the outdoor natural scenery, as well as in any remote suburbs.

This off-grid solar house on the wheel is actually similar to the RV, the basic structure of the main material for the wood, the whole is in the biaxial trailer, the housing is insulated and closed. The entire tiny solar house has a multifunctional living room (which can serve as an office, art studio, etc.), fridge, kitchen, oven, shower, toilet, sleeping loft.
Tiny Solar House In US
In addition to the inherent environmental protection of solar power batteries energy housing design, the real beauty of the cabin from the outside, the entire roof of the solar system installed capacity of 1.68KW, 280-watt battery type, in order to cloudy or rainy days can continue to supply electricity, The system also specially designed a battery bank to store electricity, sunny, the solar panels to absorb solar energy into energy and transmitted to the battery bank.

Of course, because the total installed capacity of the system is small, and the battery bank storage of electricity is limited, so the face of extreme bad continuous weather, the hut still need to rely on power grid; In addition, the solar hut also need to travel with the season Related, more season in the sun more convenient for travelers long-term outdoor travel.
Tiny Solar House In US
Currently in the United States, in addition to some love of outdoor travel enthusiasts will choose this solar energy, Tiny Solar House also in some suburbs of the United States rented a wide range of regional parking small solar houses, so that some environmentally friendly solar enthusiasts fans can rent, To reduce their carbon footprint, there are some people think it is economic independence and to avoid the rapid increase in the cost of living the way, after all, long hours of work will be frustrating.

At present, Tiny Solar House plans to continue to go west of solar houses, so that more places have small solar houses, to change people's outdoor travel lifestyle.
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