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Three Ternary Lithium

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-17 16:07:14

Three Ternary Lithium "security" is not a Decisive Factor

Before the Chinese electric car 100 people at the meeting, equipment Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Minister Zhang Xiang Mu said: "The Ministry of Industry will organize ternary lithium risk assessment before the assessment is completed, suspended three yuan lithium battery included in the new coach energy vehicles to promote the application of recommended models directory. "

The probability of occurrence of new energy vehicles in the early development of a large accident, which is different from solar powered portable generator, so the attitude of the relevant departments of the battery industry is relatively cautious can understand. But before analyzing the different materials safety of the battery, we first look at the current domestic battery business, the market, and the situation.

Throughout the country's technology roadmap, Chinese battery enterprises layout mostly is LiFePO4 battery pack in the battery field, but with the new energy vehicles to increase mileage requirements, domestic battery business began to accelerate in the ternary lithium cell field research and development. Although it can produce different types of battery according to the customer, but in the final analysis, but did not which type of battery technology line has an overwhelming advantage.

And the current domestic battery manufacturing investment, low technology threshold, although many enterprises, but medium and small enterprises. The battery industry for higher security requirements, from material selection, process to design, must be strictly controlled, and the size of the enterprise funds have a higher demand. So, the smaller the number of small and medium-scale investment into this industry is not a good thing, the future will be hidden or industrial development.

Electric_Chip_BMSNext, we come to discuss all issues with technical hot line, which is security. In all fairness, though three ternary lithium worse than LiFePO4 battery pack of the safety, so we use most LiFePO4 battery in portable solar power generator. But in terms of energy density, lithium three ternary lithium much larger than the latter. And safety standards not only batteries, but the design of the entire battery power system is safe. Required by BMS (Battery Management System), TMS, fuse protection, thermal barrier, structural integration, set up multiple security assurances in a group design. Thus, the mere thought of insecurity battery ternary material is not suitable nor comprehensive, and as technology advances, this problem is gradually being solved.

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