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Three Main Factos For Tesla In 2017

Author: Source: Datetime: 2017-01-22 16:12:52
As we all know, Tesla has not only an electric car company, and in the fall of 2016, it acquired the Sun City, completed a major change in enterprise development strategy, a vertically integrated renewable energy companies.

The large number of solar panels installed by Sun City, the large solar panel manufacturing facility, and the large amount of cash generated by financial services have made Tesla a very important and complex presence in the solar market. However, after the fit Tesla, how to make their own strong core competencies to really stand out from the competitors?

2017, the following three aspects of the most worth the wait.

Three Main Factos For Tesla In 2017

The first is capacity and energy efficiency.

Elon Musk and Sun City as early as two years ago, determined to produce their own solar cells and solar panels, in 2017 they can finally achieve this wish. In fact, Sun City in 2014, the acquisition of Silevo, and began building their gigabit-scale battery factory, the industry had thought Sun City will become the portable solar power generator solar panel industry, retail and installation of technology giants. However, to step back, this process is not imagined so overnight.

At present, Silevo battery production has a considerable scale, together with Tesla acquired Sun City, the impact is an impact Panasonic will participate in Tesla and Sun City battery production plan, although neither side Announced the details of the cooperation, but Tesla and Sun City apparently think it necessary to introduce third-party power to accelerate the pace of battery production projects, and now has to be with competitors in energy efficiency advantage of a showdown.

Sun City after the acquisition of Silevo, is expected to enhance its battery energy efficiency to 22%, the battery module energy efficiency can be increased to 19% -20%. This is a leading achievement, but with China's manufacturers mastered the single-crystal PERC battery (Passivated emitter rear contact solar power batteries cells, passivation of the back-fired battery area, the current energy efficiency of up to 20%) technology, Silevo's results have been Do not have too many advantages, not to mention they have not yet reached the expected level of energy efficiency.

In addition, the industry leader SunPower has produced 25.1% energy efficiency of the battery, the battery module energy efficiency of 23%. So Tesla Sun City has actually lagged behind, they must quickly catch up.
On the other hand is the solar roof. When the release was particularly noticeable, but in fact this product is still a mystery, we are its energy efficiency, price, installation, etc. is almost ignorant. It is not certain that it is a major highlight of Tesla in 2017.

The only certainty is that in 2017 Tesla Sun City must improve battery production efficiency, so that it can produce efficient solar panels and competitive new products, solar tiles.
Three Main Factos For Tesla In 2017
Second, relying on the flexible use of the lease model to throw the opponent farther.

2016, the solar energy industry has quickly recognized the fact that the introduction of third-party financing through the PPA (electricity purchase agreement) can not always dominate the new loan financing programs continue to emerge, consumers want to be free to choose all of the Products and services, from solar panels to financial solutions. For Sun City, this is a unique opportunity to highlight its unique advantages, it should be the rapid introduction of the loan financing program, thereby reducing the financial cost of the electricity purchase agreement, to further expand its market size.

In general, large equipment installation companies in the business model of the pace of change is very slow, if Tesla can quickly adapt to the original third-party financing model into a financial model and become the industry leader, will own Bringing more cash flow to promote the construction of the battery factory production and Model 3 production, then the financial loan model will be the most critical step in 2017 Tesla good move.
Three Main Factos For Tesla In 2017
Third, the energy storage system is the biggest characteristic of Tesla.

In the field of solar energy, Tesla's largest single advantage is the Sun City product design and supply integration. The overall design of the solar panels, transformers, supports and energy storage systems are all packaged, allowing Tesla to reduce product costs and continuously provide new products to customers.

In 2017, the Tesla Powerwall 2 high hopes that it can further promote, coupled with solar energy storage and conversion capabilities, to provide consumers with more value. I hope Tesla this year in this area can be improved.

2016, Tesla acquisition of Sun City can be described as an important step, making it from the transportation industry into the field of solar energy production and installation, in a highly competitive industry in China, to do more than that much more difficult. With the completion of the Sun City high-performance battery factory, it will defeat all competitors in the production scale, and provide integrated solar energy products and services, I believe it can for their future to find an optimal location.
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