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The world's most thin solar charging board

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-25 18:16:48

Solar Paper is the world's most thin solar charging plate, in the sun and it takes only 2.5 hours to supply you with the intelligent mobile phone, in addition to charging speed, it is very portable, quality super light let you easily put it into the backpack, while walking while the use of solar energy for charging the mobile phone, its like a small solar power generator. It is not only reliable, and convenient operation, many solar charger needs manual reset is closed, while Solar Paper can automatically reset, so you can charge without worries.


Solar Paper is 5 watts, 7.5 watts and 10 watts in charge, as well as 2,3 or 4 supporting the red plate, in bright sunlight, 5 watts of charger for 2.5 hours at a 6 iPhone charging, little difference between this and the traditional socket charger, as tablet computer, camera or other fast charging equipment, you need more power Solar Paper version, extending its power can even reach 15W or more.

solar paper

Solar paper can use USB for most intelligent charging equipment, including intelligent mobile phone, tablet computer, radio, flashlight, portable game machine, camera, camera and mobile power charging, but you need to choose according to different power Solar paper different charging plate equipment.

the fold condithion of solar paper

In the folded condition, Solar paper size is only 9*19*1.1 cm, 70% less than a similar product, more importantly, it is only 1.1 cm thick, 3.8 cm thick compared to similar products thin many, in addition to Solar paper to a certain extent is also modular, you can assemble and disassemble Solar paper solar panel the new module according to their own needs, these panels can be folded, convenient to carry, its like a smart solar backup generator.

solar paper charger

Solar paper has an automatic reset function, its a smart solar generator in the use of traditional solar charger, if you encounter a rainy day, usually because of insufficient light charger will automatically disconnect the charging connection, you need to re charge of the intelligent mobile phone connection, but Solar paper has automatic reset function, it can automatically continue charging in the sun under the condition of enough light.

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