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The world's Most Beautiful Solar-powered Houses

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-15 17:49:33

For more than a decade, the US Department of Energy's Solar Decathlon competition, "Solar Decathlon, has made it possible for college students to build the most energy-efficient solar houses around the world." The event was impressive, but it took a lot of time Money, usually the school has to spend up to $ 250,000 in the project costs, and some even more than a million dollars.An energy expert named Suzette Bienvenue, inspired by the creation of a similar event, allowing more School participation, including those with limited budget community school. What is achieved through it? - Small house is a big solar power generator.

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Solar energy is a clean, health, economic, environmental pollution, and inexhaustible clean energy, rural residential construction should vigorously promote and actively adopt solar energy, such as solar greenhouses, solar stoves and solar water heaters and so on. Because solar water heater facilities are simple, easy to install, low price, it is suitable for rural areas to promote the use of this to ease the rural energy shortages, improve rural ecological environment and farmers living standards play a positive effect.

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Usually between 100-400 square feet (about 9-37 square meters), these small house construction costs less than $ 50,000. Bienvenue put forward a viable idea: after the Solar Decathlon competition, a college competition was held, but a small house was used to explore sustainable building technologies and energy-saving strategies. The "Solar House Competition", open to any university or college in California, was held last week at the Consumnes River College in Sacramento, where 10 schools showed their energy-efficient, zero-emission homes at the show, About 20,000 people came to visit, far more than the expected 3 thousand people.
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Take a look at the award winning small house in the competition! The first winner is the rEvolve House of Santa Clara University, a 238-square-foot property suitable for short rents or for non-profit help for low-income Highlights of the room include: a kitchen with benches and folding tables, toilet facilities, sleeping area with foldable bed, in addition, through the spiral staircase, you can reach the roof of the balcony.
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This small house is made of energy-saving insulation panels, the house has 8 330-watt solar panels, can store energy in salt water batteries, and by rotating the solar tracking loop to follow the sun and maximize solar energy efficiency. REvolve Small House also received awards in eight other categories, including "Best Integrated Lighting" and "Best Kitchen Design Award."
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University of California, Berkeley, "THIMBy won four awards, including" Best Craft and "Water Conservation Award." The 170-square-foot house will be piloted in Richmond, California, Strong little husband and wife.
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The small house has a 6.4-kilowatt Powerwall lifepo4 solar energy storage system, along with a vertical "living wall, activated carbon and filter that can be recycled for non-potable use, and they will add an intelligent home monitoring system.

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