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The photovoltaic power support precision poverty

Author: Source: Datetime: 2017-01-04 17:43:29
How to combine the accurate poverty alleviation and industrial transformation upgrading, really achieve "help real poor, true poverty, really out of poverty"? Recently, Jinjiang Jinjing town start 2016 annual PV industry precision help the project, skillfully combined with poor precision, PV projects and boost industrial restructuring and upgrading, installation of solar power generator equipment in the roof of hardship, so that they enjoy the "sell power" income . The project is implemented by both the "blood type" poverty to "blood type" poverty alleviation transformation of traditional industries and boost Kanai rapid transformation and upgrading to a new energy photovoltaic industry, to promote the formation of a sustainable industry can be copied precisely poor long-term mechanism.
It is reported that, in the implementation of 2016 annual PV industry precision help the project, Jinjing by visits to enterprises, village (community), hardship, put forward the concept of "common ancestry and family with development", the creation of "Government + social + Bank+ Bank + hardship+ project "" five in one "precision helping business model, well-built industry precision help of" Jinjing model. "
In the issue of who will be supported, the project focus precisely, take  all kinds of hardship income’s increase as a goal, driven by a large number of needy households Income of farmers' income install solar powered generator projects, promote Jinjing PV enterprise development, and industrial restructuring and upgrading
It is estimated that the project is expected to spur Jinjing PV industry output value of about 200 million yuan, tax revenue of about 10 million yuan this year, will directly benefit from the hardship of the masses 40, between April to June households to install, as long as these hardship his roof available actual area less than 100 square meters, will be able to install photovoltaic power generation equipment, the annual power generation of about 7800 kwh (degrees) and a useful life of 20 years. After calculation, the total amount of each of these hardship household income of 7644 yuan per year, that is, monthly household income of about 637 yuan.
Precision poverty, who will help, how to help? Jinjing implement that government assistance, social assistance, banks helping, multi-linkage helping projects. Particularly clever implementation of social assistance, with Jinjiang clan consciousness, the spirit of charity, relying on the Chamber of Commerce, the village (community) launched the "common ancestry and family" businesses and overseas Chinese, etc., clan-based start-up capital hardship donated RMB 10,000.
At the same time, the availability of start-up capital, housing resources, hardship’s children to attend school and higher schools, and other conditions, Jinjing Town Government for qualifying hardship household subsidy 20000 yuan; Bank of hardship provide 15,000 yuan / household 3 - 5-year low-interest loans, reduce the pressure on government finances, shorten time poverty, helping to expand coverage.
"Through this project, we help needy households mining roof revitalize idle resources, with the integration of the power of government, villages, enterprises, overseas Chinese, and other projects, the real" blood type "poverty." Jinjing said, it would allow the difficulties through the five-year period households at least 20 years to achieve long-term gains, household income can be about RMB 150,000 to feel the concern from hardship Party committees, governments and the community.

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