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The new energy photovoltaic power Shanxi Xingxian is the first Poverty alleviation Project

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-25 11:55:59

The later half of 2015, Luliang City was officially launched PV poverty alleviation projects, the project have involving a total of Lin ,Xing, Lan county, Fangshan, shilou, five state-designated poor counties in 40 poor villages, o build a total size of up to 4000kW solar generator, wherein Lin and Xing county to build a 1000kw village centralized distributed off grid solar system. Recently, the first 200kW power plant alleviation first build in Xingxian are succeed, it can bring cash income directly to the depth poor households Cai Jia Ya, the agricultural efficiency and rural incomes target has been initially developed.4000kW solar generator

   Maiden new energy as the inverter business, at the time to make good products, also actively participate in the construction of PV poverty alleviation projects, and provided inverter a plurality of poverty alleviation projects in the region, this time, Xingxian 200kW PV solar power generator select the new energy inverters 6 set of 33kW, the project site is stable, reliable and efficient inverters had guaranteed a good income poverty reduction projects.

   Poverty alleviation is one of the top ten project that determined by PV LGOP, Shanxi Province as the first pilot provinces. Xingxian as one of the poverty –stricken counties in Luliang City, they positively respond to the call of provincial government, relying red tourism resources to vigorously promote industrial development poverty alleviation.

   Poverty alleviation and development is a long-term work, it is necessary to pay attention to do the work but also focus on helping them to start long-term development projects, o pay attention to costs and benefits, inputs and outputs of economic principles, long-term development, from the perspective of running for the benefit of the people, make efforts to enhance the vitality of the new poverty alleviation projects, to make the poverty alleviation benefit to people in the future.

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