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The new battery doubles smart phone use life

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-06 11:45:06

British media, said a new lithium-ion battery power is twice as fast as the current battery which will be next year into the smart phone, meet with the world.


"Lithium metal" technology is an engineering breakthrough, the battery of ion - storage battery power of the particles - the number of lithium-ion products is twice, hope it can be used in portable solar power generator.


Lithium Metal

This means that manufacturers can reduce the size of mobile phone batteries while maintaining its capacity, or to maintain the same battery size and double battery life.


All along, smartphone and notebook computer manufacturers are trying to extend the battery life of their products, but this effort has been lithium-ion technology to block the chemical constraints. In recent years, despite the great progress made by microchip technology, lithium-ion technology is still no new breakthroughs.


New batteries from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology team created solid-state energy systems company developed, the company plans to launch next year for smart phones and wearable equipment, new batteries, the year after the launch of new batteries for electric vehicles.


In a typical lithium-ion battery, ions are passed from a negatively charged graphite cathode to a positively charged anode through a solution known as an electrolytic solution, and ions carry electrons through a circuit to provide power to devices such as handsets.


Although graphite has proven to be the best and most reliable material for producing cathodes so far, the amount of ions it carries is limited. Researchers have been working to replace the graphite with a metal lithium foil that can carry more ions. Lithium foil, however, usually reacts negatively with the electrolyte, resulting in overheating, possible fire, and rapid loss of capacitance.


Solid Energy Systems has developed a mixed electrolyte solution that does not cause adverse reactions in the event of a lithium metal foil, making the battery as safe and reliable as the batteries we use every day.


The new battery not only can greatly extend the phone battery life, to achieve two days or more a charge, but also make electric vehicle mileage doubled, alleviate many electric car owners headache "mileage anxiety" problem, expect it is also a good news for solar powered portable generator.

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