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The echelon use for Electric vehicles of power lithium battery and energy storage

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-22 16:59:02

Electric vehicle lithium battery can be used in accordance with the application of solar power generator has divided into two parts, the early part refers to the application of electric vehicle lithium battery scrap before the late part refers to the application of electric vehicle lithium battery scrap storage, a ladder is currently advocated by.


In terms of energy storage, the electric car has become a part of the energy storage application since it began to use. The use of electric vehicles can be calculated from the birth of the car, there are more than 100 years, due to the battery, the exercise distance can not meet people's needs, can not compete with the fuel car.


Until recently the lithium battery is applied to electric vehicles, the electric car back to the automobile market, Tesla electric car was optimized using high performance 18650 batteries for a charging mileage exceeded 500 kilometers, accelerating performance and comfortable driving experience of electric vehicles is superior, allow people to enhance the electric car confidence. With the rapid growth of electric vehicle production and sales of geometric series, electric vehicle lithium battery echelon application and scrap processing has become an urgent problem to be solved.


Energy storage applications generally refers to the power, water, air, power, energy and other energy to save up, and then take out the appropriate time to apply. Electric vehicles as the power of consumers, it is different with other power supplies, a lamp which electricity directly into the light, a motor when it directly into power, an electric stove uses electricity directly into heat, the use of air conditioning air conditioning when converted into electricity.

 Power Battery

When the electric vehicle is powered by a lifepo4 batteries, the electric energy can be converted into power when it is exercised on the road. This is the application we all say the EV charging, in low power at night, during the day to exercise on the road, this is an ideal way, many will choose to charge in the peak, and then on the exercise.


When a variety of types of electric vehicles to be charged and then exercised in the charging time will produce a serious uncertainty. This and the power grid is expected to have a large gap between the energy storage applications. We are in the promotion of chemical battery energy storage applications, most of which refers to the power grid in the trough, charging, the power grid in the peak power to the power grid, or directly to the user. Many countries in the world to develop chemical energy storage technology is the purpose of this.

The rapid development of electric vehicles, and promoted the development of lithium battery industry, the energy density of lithium batteries has been greatly improved compared to 2010, a single charge mileage is increasing year by year, more and more electric vehicles more than 300 kilometers. Now a lot of new energy automobile enterprise's commitment to consumers and the quality of the battery life of up to 10 years of time, but if you consider the use of the environment comprehensive, the average life expectancy of the battery will be less than 10 years, the normal service life of electric vehicle lithium battery is generally as standard according to the nominal capacity of 80%, lower than the lithium battery the number is not in the car. In the actual use, less than 80% of the nominal capacity of the lithium battery can also normally use a lot of cycle times, which makes the electric car lithium battery in retirement, still can play a role in the energy storage applications.


In theory, the electric car lithium battery scrap, its capacity is less than 80% of nominal capacity can be reused or echelon use, they can also be in accordance with the battery capacity, and be used in energy storage or associated power station and street lights, low-speed electric car body, and finally into the recycling system. In fact, although the energy density of the single cell battery project not so high, but an solar power battery of a larger scale, usually up to 100 kilowatts or even MW, and a new energy vehicle battery capacity is generally 10 to 50kwh, the biggest is 100kwh, if you want to drive the battery for energy storage, will undoubtedly need a lot of battery pack, which makes the storage battery block facing consistency management difficulties, which will affect the whole project of the storage battery. What's more, the status of lithium battery industry, battery, battery line in China due to different car prices and specifications of the battery test requirements vary, also caused the battery model is too much, the yield over dispersed, but also brings more difficulty for echelon use.


Although there are various problems and difficulties in the late stage of the lithium battery, the recovery and reuse of the lithium battery has become the urgent affairs. According to the 13th Five-Year plan, to 2020, domestic new energy vehicles cumulative production and sales will reach 5 million units. China Automotive Technology Research Center, according to the forecast, by 2020, China's electric vehicle power battery accumulated scrap will reach 120 thousand -17 million tons of scale. We should establish an effective reuse and recycling mechanism, and never let the scrap of lithium battery on our environment cause greater harm.

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