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The development of PV industry in Ningxia

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-02 11:20:35

Ningxia has a rich solar energy resources, it’s one of the high-energy of solar radiation. Since 2012, it became the country’s first new energy comprehensive demonstration area, Ningxia solar power generators and equipment manufacturing industry have entered a rapid development stage. According to “Ningxia PV park planning,” “Thirteen Five” period, Ningxia PV power plants installed capacity will reach 10 million kilowatts-solar_strong_power_generation_systems or more, and it will form to invest hundreds of billions of emerging industry clusters.

   April 18, In one of the Ningxia City, a 2000-megawatt PV off grid solar system will officially begin to construction. Before, in Tongxin County, Wuzhong City, a 200-megawatt-scaled PV power plants are already built and put into operation. As the PV industry is flourishing in the Wuzhong area, more and more radio equipment is used in solar photovoltaic panels production data collection, inspection and video surveillance and other aspects. In order to deal with the special problems encountered by the industry, Wuzhong City Radio Management Office actively cooperate, advance planning, active service, effectively promote wireless technology in the photovoltaic industry, and play an active role in the  "Thirteen Five" plan, "four Ningxia" building construction and energy Ningxia comprehensive demonstration area.

   In order to grasp the actual needs frequency of the PV industry. And accumulated frequency resources for planning and configuration of the PV industry data base. Wuzhong ductless photovoltaic industrial park at the depth line, and discuss business with the enterprises face to face, listen to the radio communication transmission control photovoltaic project design and effect. On the basis of the actual research, Wuzhong city positive for the sake of business, solicit opinions, they take a wireless communication to control the spread of local conditions gold band wideband frequency resource planning period to support photovoltaic enterprises and to adopt LTE wireless technology equipment monitoring data collection upload, professional trunking calls and handheld terminals video transmission and other functions.

Since the construction of project units are not familiar with the process of radio management policies and application to establish station procedures, Wuzhong city dispatched people to guide them, even for its remote road engineering tense situation, actively open a green channel, efficient completion of the pre-assigned frequency electromagnetic environmental monitoring and related administrative approval process.

Meanwhile, Wuzhong city are also pay attention to Taiwan PV companies from the construction to set up, put into operation and every aspect . strict implementation of major radio station project provided technical inspection requirements, and technically check the completed project, inspect its wireless control room, check the operating results control console, and handheld terminals, antennas and electromagnetic field monitoring the surrounding environment, tracking and monitoring the situation of external interference or interference device itself, and to ensure the normal operation of the project.

Through the broadband signal to a comprehensive coverage of the entire PV plant, the application of radio technology have solved the solar generator area, harsh natural environment, less operation, high cost for maintenance etc. the control center can quickly discover and deal with failure to improve power generation volume and increase profits. According to According Tongxin County 200 megawatt photovoltaic power plant construction of the project engineer said, the application of radio technology is expected to increase by 2% of the generating capacity for the project, about 70 megawatts of electricity, and it will improve nearly one million yuan for enterprises.

“We will continue to follow up radio technology in the photovoltaic industry, the PV for the latest wireless control technology, innovative wireless application technology, to provide a better frequency reserves and technical support." Wuzhong City official said, particularly for the world's largest single photovoltaic power plant project construction- Salt Lake 2000 MW photovoltaic power stations, Wuzhong administration is ready to meet new challenges, and it will continue to perform their duties, and strive to make great contribution for the development of Wuzhong and the whole Ningxia PV industry.
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