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The demand of Energy storage area for lithium batteries is higher than new energy vehicles

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-24 15:21:20

2012 new energy vehicles, solar power generator, special vehicles, communication base stations and other areas of the finished product lithium battery market size of 3 billion 500 million yuan, an increase of 34.6% compared to 2011's 2 billion 600 million yuan. Among them, the application of new energy vehicles accounted for 57%, is the largest power lithium battery market demand.


The industry believes that the new energy automotive market demand for lithium batteries will be great in the future, but the current pace of development is far less than expected. And in the energy storage market, has seen a clear and broad space for development.


Communication energy storage, the company conducted a survey, the three operators have about 1 million 700 thousand base station batteries, which does not include the end of the small power supply equipment, which only China Mobile [micro-blog] there are nearly 900 thousand base stations. These base stations are used in lead-acid batteries, a year of purchasing volume of not less than 100 billion yuan. According to the 10% operators each year will replace the lead-acid battery of lifepo4 batteries, lithium battery market each year to provide the space that is tens of billions of yuan. Communication energy will give the lithium industry bring a broad market.

 Li ion Battery

Nandu power lithium battery business technical director Li Xiaoping said, it is understood that the demand for lithium battery Hongkong communication base station construction reached billions of dollars. Chinese mainland population, with the rapid development of communication, limitless space in this market. He believes that the communication can be stored in the lithium battery industry is currently the most realistic, the most clear direction of development.


In addition, the industry believes that smart grid, micro grid, wind and solar complementary has just begun, the policy is also supported, these are the potential market for lithium battery energy storage.


Next year began gradually heavy volume


At present, only 10% of the lithium battery backup power supply base of the market share, but its growth momentum is rapid, and is expected to continue high growth after 2013. Due to the three major operators Group procurement, the industry is expected next year in the field of lithium batteries in the communication energy storage will be explosive growth.


Xu Congmin said that the market is very large, but it has not completely moved up. At present, the three major telecom operators are still in the trial stage, the safety of lithium batteries, practicality, and many other aspects are also investigated. Each operator in a number of locations across the country to do the pilot, the pilot for 1 years, a year later, the operator will decide how to purchase. At present, the group procurement has not yet started, but some local procurement has begun, especially in the two or three months, at least 5, 6 provinces in the bidding.


In fact, the preliminary trial has led to the rapid development of the lithium battery market in the field of communications. Zhang Na data show that China's power lithium battery enterprises in 2012 applied to the domestic and foreign communications base station market size of 500 million yuan, an increase of 100% in 2011, of which 10% are exported to India, South Africa and other countries. China Mobile, China Telecom [micro-blog], Chinese Unicom three operators have been purchasing lifepo4 battery pack as a backup power supply communication base station, which purchases of China Mobile, only in 2012 December, Jiangsu mobile and Guangdong mobile [micro-blog] purchases will reach or exceed 30 million yuan.


Li Xiaoping said that the largest sales of lithium battery market will be the reserve power supply market, and now the growth rate of this part of the business is very fast. Nandu power supply is now a lot of orders do not come.


The Chinese Unicom believes that the application of the three operators of lithium caused the rapid growth of the industry, is expected next year on the application of lithium battery in the first half the volume trend.

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