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The constitute of grid connected photovoltaic power generation system

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-17 17:10:19

The photovoltaic system is composed of three parts: solar cell module, charging, discharging controller, inverter, testing instrument and computer monitoring and other power electronic equipment and solar power battery or other energy storage and auxiliary power generation equipment.

photovoltaic power generation

The photovoltaic system has the following characteristics:


(1) no rotating parts, no noise;

(2) no air pollution, no discharge of waste water;

(3) no combustion process, no need of fuel;

(4) maintenance is simple, low maintenance costs;


Photovoltaic system is very wide, and the basic form of photovoltaic system can be divided into two categories: independent power generation system and grid connected generation system. The main field of application in aircraft, space communication system, microwave relay station, television station, and no power shortage areas of photovoltaic pump household power supply.


Development and Prospect


Since 1990s is the period of rapid development of photovoltaic power generation in china. In this period China's PV module production capacity has been increasing year by year, continue to reduce costs, the market continues to expand, the installed capacity increased year by year, in 2006 the cumulative installed capacity reached 35MW, accounting for about 3% of the world share, more than 10 years, China's photovoltaic industry maintained a long-term average of about 1% of the global market share. By 2020, China's photovoltaic industry will be continuous improvement and development, the cost will continue to decline, the PV market will change greatly: expected 2005-2010, Chinese solar battery is mainly used for independent solar power generator system, the cost of power generation by 2010 will be about 1.20 yuan /kWh;


2010-2020, photovoltaic power generation will be turned into the grid by the independent system, power generation costs will be about 0.60 yuan in 2020 /kWh. By 2020, China's photovoltaic industry's technical level is expected to reach the world's advanced ranks. At present, the world solar photovoltaic power generation industry is still in the primary stage, in order to ensure the healthy development of solar photovoltaic power generation industry, need to do the following work:


(1) the development of the solar photovoltaic maximum power tracking algorithm, to achieve the maximum power tracking solar light;


(2) the optimal combination algorithm of the development of the solar photovoltaic array, the optimization of the solar photovoltaic cell array;


With the increasing energy consumption of the whole world, the environment pollution caused by the abuse of fossil energy is becoming increasingly serious. In response to the sustainable development of the economy, we should pay more attention to the ecological balance. Human exploration and Research on the use of solar energy will be more active, but also indicates that solar backup generator will play a more and more important role in the future society.

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