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The characteristics of lithium batteries

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-06 11:24:45

Lithium-ion batteries are generally able to charge and discharge 300-500 times. It is best to part of the discharge for lithium battery, rather than a complete discharge, and to try to avoid frequent complete discharge, it is always used in portable solar power generator.


Once the battery goes down the production line, the clock starts to move. Regardless of whether you use, lithium battery life only in the first few years. The decrease in battery capacity is due to the increase of internal resistance due to oxidation (which is the main reason for the decrease in battery capacity). Finally, the cell resistance reaches a point, although the battery is fully charged, but the battery can not release the stored charge.


The characteristics of lithium batteries

What are the characteristics of lithium batteries? Let us introduce the following for you:


1, with a higher ratio of weight-to-energy, higher ratio of volume-to-energy;


2, high voltage, single-cell lithium battery voltage is 3.6V, equal to three nickel-cadmium or nickel-metal hydride rechargeable batteries in series voltage;


3, self-discharge can be stored for a long time, this is the most prominent advantages of the battery;


4, no memory effect. Lithium batteries do not exist the so-called memory effect of nickel-cadmium batteries, lithium batteries do not need to discharge before charging;


5, long life. Under normal working conditions, lithium battery charge / discharge cycles is much greater than 500 times;


6, you can fast charging. Lithium batteries can usually be 0.5 to 1 times the capacity of the current charge, the charging time is shortened to 1 to 2 hours;


7, can be used in parallel;


8, the battery does not contain cadmium, lead, mercury and other heavy metal elements, the environment pollution, is the most advanced green battery;


9, high cost. Compared with other rechargeable batteries, LiFePo4 battery pack more expensive.

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