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The battery series or parallel research

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-22 17:42:54

We has single battery testing and module PACK professional team, has been in the energy storage system of battery series parallel to do in-depth research on the topic, the system definition of battery series and parallel assembly process.


Battery management system (BMS) on how to solve the balance between the single battery. The consistency of the above mentioned battery is very critical, but because there is always a difference between the battery, but with the passage of time, the difference will be large. As an important part of the lifepo4 batteries, the battery management system (BMS) should be how to balance between the single battery, it has become a long life to ensure the storage system is an indicator.


Zhongtian energy studies have long shown that the consistency of the cell is determined by many parameters consistency; consistency shown in different working current is not the same; consistency difference due to the difference of material and technology; different time and experience in using the battery are essentially different.


According to the conclusion of the study, according to the BMS equilibrium function for one design, avoid because of differences in the system is not balanced, but not a simple passive or active equilibrium, equilibrium.


Because at present the so-called passive or active balance is based on the monitoring voltage to achieve, there is a deviation from the source. Of course, the BMS design of the transit of the balance of hardware, algorithms and so on need to be combined with the actual working requirements of the energy storage system, the use and environmental requirements to make appropriate adjustments.


The matching problem of Li ion battery and BMS system with PCS. Energy storage converter (PCS) as the solar backup generator system, is responsible for a variety of energy conversion, and the battery system to charge. So in the use of how to better match the battery system, but also to make the energy storage system work safety, stability and reliability of the key.


Usually PCS type of work:


1) power mode to set the active and reactive power output value; 2) FM mode: set the frequency, frequency according to the set value to absorb active power to regulate the system frequency; 3) voltage mode: set reference voltage according to the voltage value into the capacitive or inductive reactive power (low voltage cross, STATCOM);


Isolated island mode: from the large power grid, the network operation, frequency modulation, synchronization. In different modes, the battery and BMS are in different conditions, and may be different from the charging, playing, static, equilibrium, pulse exchange, and other special circumstances.


Therefore, how to control the current voltage in BMS to stabilize the transition, how to balance the PCS charge and discharge, how to use BMS and PCS communication and control strategy, how to integrate BMS and PCS respective protection mechanisms do accurate and clean division implementation, must be fully considered. Transit is working to establish a variety of large databases, the continuous analysis and summary, so that the lithium-ion battery and BMS and PCS to do more effective matching.


In the solar power battery system development and practice, in addition to the culmination of some practical problems to design the corresponding solution, further to other remote monitoring, cloud management system, data collection and analysis and storage battery recycling and so do the actual development and application. This has been applied and promoted in the future, such as energy storage, household energy storage, communication energy storage and other energy storage systems.

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