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The battery energy storage system peak function

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-22 17:24:39

The battery energy storage system peak function as an example to illustrate the control algorithm, the first is the prediction of the daily load curve, the optimum discharge strategy of 24h, namely each time whether the battery charge and discharge, how much power the size of charging and discharging. Second is real-time control, according to the day before the optimization of the charging and discharging strategy is given, as well as the current load value, battery status and other data, calculate the charge and discharge power instructions and issued to each group of batteries.


The simple method is based on constant power charge and discharge mode, which is to charge and discharge the battery energy storage power station at the charging and discharging stage. The general steps of constant power charge and discharge are: according to the capacity of the battery pack and the setting of the charging and discharging power P, the total charge time and the total discharge time of T=S/P are calculated. Then find the load point and the load point in the load curve, determine the good charge and discharge time T.

 lithium battery

If it is necessary to make the operation strategy of the solar power generator station flexibly according to the actual situation, and it is necessary to adopt the method of cutting peak and filling valley based on the power difference charge and discharge mode. The difference in power charge and discharge mode is based on the existing load forecasting curve, considering the battery capacity and the discharge power limit, the first charge and discharge power peak on the lower limit is set down, and then compared with the power load curve forecasting, based on the charge and discharge power can be in every period of time sure.


The above is just to cut the peak to fill the valley needs a reasonable algorithm as a note. Besides, there are many control strategies to be considered in the energy storage system:


(1) the complementary control strategy of the gap between the renewable energy and the energy storage system; (2) the control strategy of the island type energy storage system; (3) the regional load forecasting neural network algorithm......


A series of energy and energy, energy and load control algorithm strategy is to ensure that the energy storage system is stable and reliable work, and to reduce the premise of abandoned abandoned light. In this aspect, the transit storage can be designed to deal with the energy storage system under different application conditions.


The selection of single cell and the selection of series and parallel, determine the reliability and life of the energy storage system. In the battery energy storage power station system, the energy storage battery is connected to the DC bus through a plurality of batteries in series, and then the direct current bus is connected to the power grid via a DC/AC inverter. General DC/AC inverter input DC voltage is above DC500V, using lifepo4 batteries as energy storage battery, the string is about 200. The energy storage capacity of MW level energy storage system may reach above 1000Ah. At present, lithium iron phosphate monomer battery to dozens of Ah based, so to get a higher capacity of the energy storage battery, when the battery needs to be in series at the same time, it is necessary to take parallel ways to improve capacity.


Battery module group in series and parallel process, because the battery in series at the same time through the charge or discharge, so the series process of battery consistency is very important. In parallel connection, when the power changes, the starting and stopping and other protection mechanisms in the charging and discharging process, the interaction between the parallel modules will appear. So the battery energy storage system to consider the point:


(1) whether the single battery can meet the performance requirements of the work process; (2) the battery module, the whole lifepo4 battery pack group how to achieve consistency requirements; (3) whether the single battery and battery module can meet the power charge and discharge process of change, stop and other protection mechanisms, restrain the influence of parallel the monomer and module between each other; (4) when the battery with the passage of time, the internal mechanism of change, whether it can meet the performance requirements; (5) the first string and after or before and after the first series, and how much, how much, and how much the last series......


After taking the first string and first and then the string, there is a big difference, the first string and security, better reliability, and less capacity, self discharge is greater, the BMS requirements are higher. If the first and then the contrary.

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