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The Worst Has Past For Desay Battery

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-06 09:47:13
DesayDesay has been the worst of times past, current undervalued. White Horse as consumer electronics, Desay has good management and good technical reserves, but also to seize the outbreak of dividends consumer electronics. Since 2014, after large customers affected by the slowdown, the company was relatively flat, at this point in time, we believe the worst has past, present value has been significantly underestimated.

The battery is the biggest bottleneck in consumer electronics, lifepo4 batteries high probability accelerate innovation. Mobile phone battery long stagnation, has become the biggest bottleneck to enhance the consumer experience. We believe that the three major trends taking place, effectively reduce PCB size, battery maneuvers more adequate space: 1) AP, baseband chip InFO + SIP package; 2) FEM chip, the device PAMID module; 3) battery BMS PCB board It is replaced by HDI, buried substrate. From iphone7 start, the battery will be significantly accelerated innovation, battery plant will fully benefit from the innovations brought about by ASP battery boost.

Actively expand battery, clear logic and long-term growth. Since the beginning of 2015, and international companies in developing the battery business, currently is progressing steadily, the next two years is expected to continue to get customer orders, the company has become a new growth momentum. Deep plowing company for many years in the field of 3C, the successful experience of consumer electronics is expected to replicate to battery power, clear logic and long-term growth.
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