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The World's Most Long-Lasting Battery Oxford Electric Bell

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-03 10:12:26
Oxford Electric BellWith the advancement of technology, the player's hand electronic equipment battery capacity is also growing. If you say the world's most long-lasting battery, which then run in 176 years of the University of Oxford "Oxford bell" most qualified. Oxford bell established since 1840, so far, it has hit the most long-lasting battery Guinness Book of World Records. However, because of fear after the dismantling of the damage inside, so the internal structure and composition of the battery's status and how long it can be used in the end, is still a mystery.

This is called the Oxford Electric Bell device stored in the school laboratory. This is due to two batteries and two bell combination. Each with a bell at the bottom of the battery, the intermediate diameter 4mm metal hanging round bell hammers. Electrostatic bell so that the middle of the rotation hammer bell struck two. Since the response has enabled about 100 million times.

When the bell hammer hit one of the bell, it will be charged at the top of the lifePo4 batteries, followed by electrostatically attracted by another bell, and the bell touch another, repeating the action. When the bell hammer between different bell swing will only carry a small amount of charge to another bell, so the battery can use for so long.
But afraid to dismantle after the historic bell will shut down, so far, no one really knows why Oxford bell cell composition, but coated with a layer of sulfur batteries are known to serve as insulation purposes.
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