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The World's Largest Solar Roof Array In Gigafactory

Author: Source: Datetime: 2017-01-19 09:30:08
According to US media reports, Tesla is taking full advantage of its solar company's ownership of SolarCity, plans for its super-factory in Nevada Gigafactory construction of the world's largest solar power batteries solar roof array.

Tesla said the super-cell roof solar array will produce 70 MW of power generation capacity, will be the existing roof solar power array 7 times. The world's largest rooftop solar array is located in India with a generating capacity of 11.5 MW.
The World's Largest Solar Roof Array In Gigafactory
Thanks to its large array of portable solar power generator solar panels and Powerpack batteries on its roof, Tesla will use renewable energy to produce zero-energy production without the need to use the Nevada power grid or any fossil fuel.

If the project progresses smoothly and production is at its full potential, Tesla will have a world-class battery factory. This will also become a textbook-like classic case of how to develop this product in a sustainable way.

Readers may think that Tesla's Gigafactory 1 is not environmentally friendly, but it has now used a closed-loop system to conserve water and use waste heat from battery manufacturing to heat it. Gigafactory will also be on-site recycling of batteries, which marks the car manufacturers and energy solution providers to form a complete production cycle.
The World's Largest Solar Roof Array In Gigafactory
Tesla executives in the speech for the investors broke the news about Gigafactory some of the situation. Visitors also came to see the upcoming 2170 battery using Model 3 battery pack. Tesla hired a German company to co-produce batteries at Gigafactory. As the company claims, Nevada's facilities will not be the only one of its kind, and in the future it hopes to build more.
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