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The World's First Lithium Battery Powered Trailer Car

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-15 10:33:17
trailer carUS Bowlus RV Company's RV experts have been seeking to provide customers with exquisite outdoor life. The company recently launched the world's first lithium battery powered trailer A-type car Road Chief Lithium + car, this car continues the high-end retro design style.

Lithium in English is the meaning of lithium, from the name of the car can be seen, this car is the use of lifepo4 battery pack for the car accessories power supply. Bowlus car company said, lithium battery power is lead-acid battery 7 times, can be in the car lights, 8000BTU (8.4MJ) air conditioning and other electrical equipment to provide adequate electricity.

The car is also equipped with 120 watts of solar panels, in the process of travel can charge the battery. Of course, the Road Chief Lithium +, as a member of the Bowlus Road Chief RV, still has a luxurious and refined design. The caravan is equipped with two skylights, indoor / outdoor shower, teak American furniture and so on.

This lithium battery trailer car only sold 50 cars. The price of the Road Chief RV is $ 137,000 (about $ 908,694), and the price of this lithium battery trailer is no less than that.
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