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The World's Most Advanced Consumer-Grade Batteries

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-02 13:38:21

Hydrogen fuel cell


Battery fuel in the fuss is not uncommon, small station Jun to say that the hydrogen fuel cell can make UAV life increased to 2 hours.


British Intelligent Energy company developed a hydrogen fuel cell, the battery can make unmanned aerial vehicles flying in the sky for 2 hours, and after the landing can immediately replenish fuel, continue to fly.


This unmanned hydrogen fuel cell to fill with almost 1.6 kilograms of fuel, compared to lithium batteries also lighter, while almost LiFePO4 batteries use in UAV application.


At present, this hydrogen fuel cell has been installed in the Great Xinjiang Matrice 100 unmanned aerial vehicles on a successful test. Intelligent Energy said the battery will be available by the end of this year as quickly as possible.


However, due to the special nature of this hydrogen fuel cell fuel, making the battery a lot of increased risk. As long as the technical enough to check the rigorous, risk factor can still be controlled.


Sucrose batteries


First correct, this sugar battery is not made of sucrose. Just ordinary sugar can be used to generate electricity in daily life.

MIT scientists have shown that the use of sucrose wrapped with carbon nanotubes, from one end of the carbon nanotubes, will produce thermal energy wave (TPW) to promote the tube forward movement of electrons, thereby generating current.


Major reports are said, this principle is very complex! Scientists want to come out of the whole principle is not me and other ordinary people can understand. Or is it the usefulness of it ~



Although the use of sucrose battery efficiency is not high, but the commendable is that it stored power will not be lost over time, this is absolutely rolling lithium batteries, like lifepo4 battery pack etc have self discharge. In addition, because the volume of carbon nanotubes in this technology can be reduced, future sugar cells can also be used in wearable devices.


Air charging


Researchers at the University of Washington Sensing Labs have created the Wireless Identification and Sensing Platform (WISP): a combination of sensors and computing chips that do not require a battery or a power cable.

It absorbs a RFID (radio frequency identification) reader issued by the radio waves will be converted into current.


It has a similar clock speed and functionality to the processor in the Fitbit, including embedded accelerators and temperature sensors. It achieves this by backscattering wireless signals.


Its bandwidth is similar to Bluetooth low-power mode, a support most of the Bluetooth speakers and wireless headset wireless charging technology. For example, installing WISP into the Fitness Tracker allows you to download new tracking features without having to connect it to any of your devices, or to fix bugs with updates.


By combining WISP and RFID readers, the researchers said, they have been able to manufacture 10 times faster without battery computer.


But, want to use radio waves to the iPhone and laptop computers charge, and some distant.


However, the areas where WISP can currently be used are: • Buildings that detect damage to the building during the earthquake; • The ability to monitor thousands of plants at the same time in the agricultural sector can bring great value; Implantable equipment, to monitor the patient's health; 4, fitness bracelet. Most importantly, WISP and other battery-free computers can make the Internet of Things devices more intelligent.

As we all know, the size of the battery limits the smart phone, computer, wearable devices can accept the appearance of the performance of the battery has seriously hampered the function of these smart devices play. Such as now lithium batteries is coming used in solar power generator to improve the efficiency. Therefore, the battery or battery technology, intelligent hardware is the lifeblood of the entire industry.


The performance of high-end products, features cool, no power support, everything can only be void. The introduction of new battery technology, intelligent hardware, especially in the wearable area has brought new possibilities, whether it is on the volume or life.

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