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The World Largest Virtual Power Plant In Australia

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-12-15 11:09:29
As we report at that time, experiments were carried out at the crucial moment in South Australia, South Australia has been a strong political and regulatory review, become the world leader in solar and wind energy, at the same time to shut down its "baseload" coal-fired power generation.

This $20 million project is being developed in three phases with the Australian renewable energy agency, the Australian renewable energy agency has launched its funds to reach $5 million.

VPP hardware - 1000 battery systems and energy management software provided by the U.S. energy management company Sunverge, through competitive bidding to get the job.
The World Largest Virtual Power Plant In Australia
AGL said the product will have output equivalent to 5MW Solar Peak equipment, will work by using smart cloud connected control system, the system will allow the battery consistent orientation: strategy aims to help consumers maximize the use of solar powered portable generator energy self consumption, and the peak of the broader community to manage the state's electricity demand.

AGL President Vesey Andy said in a variety of occasions, he believes that the centralized control of the roof solar and battery storage network will be a key factor in the future energy system - a consumer centric system.

"We want to ensure that we have the ability to deploy these products in the grid, they are valuable," Vesey told the conference on damage and energy industry in Sydney jointly organized by RenewEconomy in late August.

"People say it is innovative, but we know that we must do this... It began and ended with the consumer, the consumer is to control the whole system in time, based on every decision marking and consumption of A. ".

VPP pointed out that the progress of the project so far in a statement, AGL new energy executive general manager Elisabeth Brinton said, the first round of the battery and the rapid adoption of proposed second round - now open to applications - ahead of schedule.

"I am very pleased that consumers support the industry's leading plan to provide innovative solutions that will not only save energy costs, but also help stabilize the grid," Brinton said.
The World Largest Virtual Power Plant In Australia
"As part of the VPP, our customers will be able to consume more energy from their own rooftop solar power generator systems, lowering their electricity bills and reducing emissions.

AGL said that in the second phase of the test provided by the 350 batteries will be available to live in Adelaide Metropolitan and meet the eligibility criteria of AGL customers.

These customers will be able to buy a $3849 11.6kWh Sunverge battery, including hardware, software and monitoring services, as well as installation. The battery capacity than the first time provided by the battery more than 50%- in the first round of the purchase of the battery customers will be able to upgrade to 11.6kWh free.
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