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The World Largest Battery Storage System In South Australia

Author: Source: Datetime: 2017-07-14 16:03:16

Billionaire entrepreneurs Eric will build one of the world's largest lithium-ion battery storage systems in South Australia. Prior to this, he also promised less than 100 days to complete the project, if the extension is directly free of charge.

Musk's company, Tesla, will work with the French renewable energy group to build a 1 million watt lithium-ion battery storage system. When completed, the battery will be installed capacity of three times larger than the largest existing energy storage devices. Mask confidently believes that they have the ability to deliver on this commitment, and on the basis of quality assurance, but does not exclude risks. After all, the solar power batteries are three times bigger than the largest in the world today. Although the details of the contract were not announced, Mask said he would have to pay $50 million for the group if he failed to complete the project on time.


Since last year's South Australia blackout, the state government allocated $550 million to the energy program, the core of the plan. After the completion of the battery project, not only can stabilize the local power supply problems, but also down the local electricity prices. The battery system will be built in the north central part of Nan'ao, near the Hornsdale wind power plant at Neoen.

Jay Weatherill, governor of southern Australia, said: "both Tesla and Neoen are among the world's leading renewable and safety energy companies.". The battery storage system is the future of the national energy market, and the world will focus on our leadership in this area. This historic collaboration has not only brought rich sustainable energy to the government of Nan'ao, but has also generated some important economic gains." Once the Australian energy market operations center issued a permit to prove that the hundred day project will begin immediately. It is hoped that the project will be completed on time this summer.
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