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The Way To Increase Electric Vehicle Mileage

Author: Source: Datetime: 2017-01-17 10:52:37
January 14 in 2017 electric car hundred people meeting, vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee, Science and Technology Minister Wan Gang published up to 1 hour of the report. He said that China's new energy vehicle ownership has reached 1 million, accounting for 50% of the world.

As we all know, due to policy adjustments, 2016 sales of new energy vehicles did not meet industry expectations, but Wan Gang, Minister of industry development in all aspects of the new progress fully affirmed. But also affirmed the corporate and national policy level of action and effort. Especially the improvement of lifepo4 battery pack

battery efficiency and cost reduction, on the whole has reached 2.5 yuan / watt below.

The Way To Increase Electric Vehicle Mileage
It is noteworthy that, in the report, Wan Gang repeatedly talked about the development of fuel cells, and even talked about the fuel cell vehicles and pure electric drive combination of development. For the emphasis has always been purely point-driven new energy industry in China, it deserves attention.

The report mentioned that throughout the "thirteen five" period will be six innovation chain, 38 key research and development tasks, the Government increased investment, and I think now companies have increased R & D investment. In 2016, the total social investment in research and development funds reached more than 154 billion, for the first time exceeded 1.5 trillion.

Wan Gang also pointed out some problems, such as the increase in mileage can not rely on more batteries, but to improve the efficiency of the unit battery to improve the level of lightweight vehicles, attention to graphene technology development and specialization of electric vehicles.

The development of intelligent vehicles accounted for half of Wan Gang's speech, showing the government's attention in this area. Wan Gang mentioned two key points, one is the development of smart cars is the most important thing is the safety of people, another enterprise to become the main body of intelligent vehicle development. Do not know whether this means that the Government's participation in the smart car is lower than the new energy field. He also mentioned that the electric vehicle is the best vehicle for automatic driving, automatic driving to promote the sharing of environmental protection and efficiency.
The Way To Increase Electric Vehicle Mileage
Phoenix car, 2016 China's new energy vehicle sales reached 507,000, although stronger than other countries, but did not extend the outbreak of the trend in 2015, sales are also hidden behind a variety of issues, such as the core technology has not yet breakthrough, the enterprise scale While light innovation, rely on subsidies and other issues. New energy vehicles to maintain long-term healthy development of the Government and enterprises have a lot of work to do.

January 14, China's 100 electric vehicles will be Forum (2017) held in Beijing, focusing on the development of new energy vehicles, the core issue. Phoenix as an important media cooperation, the first time for everyone to bring the wonderful forum grand.
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