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The View Of Photovoltaic Power Generation

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-08 13:55:16
solarPhotovoltaic power generation in the benchmark price shortly after the announcement, the National Association of New Energy Chamber of Commerce of light and heat power in Beijing held a "benchmark price, light set sail" industry analysis and media will meet. At the meeting, light and heat enterprises in the 1.15 yuan light electricity benchmark price of electricity issued under the background of the industry's prospects for a rational analysis and discussion, and said that China should jointly promote the healthy and rapid development of solar thermal power generation industry.

Solar thermal power generation if you can replace the northwest region to build a renewable resource projects must be supporting the construction of thermal power peaking power, the existing renewable resources is a great positive for solar powered portable generator thermal power generation is also an important direction of development, And will greatly promote the overall health of China's new energy development.

Executive vice chairman of the National Association of New Energy Chamber of Commerce, executive chairman of the special committee of light and heat power, the first energy-saving (002,665) Light and Heat Technology Co., Ltd. Yao Zhihao, director and general manager of photovoltaic and photovoltaic are essentially different.

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