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The United States will test the solar road with LED lights

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-09 15:56:45

According to the U.S. media Motor1 July 9th report, the U.S. Department of transportation, Missouri, said the news, as a pilot project will be installed on the surface of Highway 66 solar panels, solar panels are also integrated into the LED lights and heating equipment.


As a high-tech substitute for cement and asphalt, the hexagonal solar panels of solar power generator will absorb solar energy and convert a portion of the solar energy into electrical energy into the grid. More interesting is that the solar panels will also be equipped with LED lights, can be used to display the lane signs and speed limit information.


Another advantage of the solar panel is that it is also integrated with a heating device that can be used to melt snow and ice. This greatly saves the cost of road maintenance, because the road maintenance personnel in the cold weather no longer need to throw salt or chemicals to the road to snow melting.

the road of Highway 66 solar panels with LED light

The first solar panels are expected to be installed in the Missouri state landmark 66 Highway Service Center this year. The Ministry of transportation hopes to continue to expand the program, and will seek to install more solar panels by raising funds. The leader of the "future road" program, we will be through the public and the network to raise funds, our solar road plans to become more perfect, to promote more areas.

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