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The Trend of Public Transportation-Pure Electric Bus

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-29 08:40:40
E bus"In the field of public transportion, the current trend must be electric, the direction of the future is pure electric buses and fuel cell bus-based, fuel cell buses and pure electric buses can basically share the power system and vehicle control system platform, so we have been Firmly in the pure electric bus this road, unwavering! "Recently, in 2016 energy and new energy automotive industry summit, Ankai Automobile Co., Ltd. New Energy Bus Research Institute, said Chen Shundong.

Why the trend will be electric? Chen Shundong gives three explanations:

First, the current electric bus in the field of public transport is growing rapidly, has become a strong trend; the future, with the solar powered portable generator battery technology, vehicle performance improvement and the "oil fill to fill" policy tilt, bus companies In the electric bus has more profits.

Second, compared to the traditional fuel bus, electric bus driving more convenient. "Now a lot of bus drivers are women, clutch the clutch is very hard every day, the day may have to step on more than a thousand times; we also have experience, whenever encountered congestion, the nerves will be tense, changing speed from time to time, step on Throttle, hit the brakes, even driving a private car will feel tired, let alone driving a bus.But the electric car is a new energy automatic block, greatly reducing the driver's driving strength, once used to do not want to open The traditional car. "Chen Shundong said with a smile.

Third, from a macro point of view, the development of electric vehicles is the only way to revitalize China's auto industry. "The traditional car engine, EFI systems, high-pressure common rail system, and so the core components and components technology are in the hands of foreign companies, they earned the industry most of the profits; in pure electric vehicles, although our solar power batteries technology There is still a gap with foreign countries, but China's market is very large, you can pull through the market to obtain rapid progress in battery technology. "Chen Shundong pointed out.

Since 2002 set foot in pure electric bus, Ankai has so far launched a five-generation products, basically maintained every three or four generations of the rhythm. In this persistent deep plowing and continuous innovation, the Ankai not only in the market has made brilliant achievements, but also in the new energy bus R & D leader in the status. Chen Shundong said the current Ankai in the market to run the new energy bus has been close to 10,000; and in February of this year, Ankai "national electric bus system integration engineering and technology research center" successfully passed the acceptance of the Ministry of Science and Technology Center, the goal Is to build electric bus system integration research and development, engineering testing, industrial production, personnel training and open services as one of the high-tech achievements in engineering and personnel training base, not only for enterprises to develop the market for electric buses , Will also become the industry development, enterprise technology gathering and radiation sources, to enhance the overall level of the industry and enhance the international competitiveness of industry contribution.
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