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The Standards for Electric Car should not be "Stiff", should be "Dynamic Energetic"

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-18 09:39:37

In the US standard-setting agent opinion, setting standards are not the thing once and for all. "ASTM and UL standards are dynamic, living document that can be amended at any time according to the needs of the global market, and to meet changing market demands." MO Kai Ling expressed. Such as the developing from home solar power to portable solar power generator.

It can be said, MO Kai Ling views direct poke in the setting standard of power battery. In order to ensure product quality of domestic battery, and our government even set up a corporate directory and other battery accessibility standards in recent years . However, after setting a standard that is no longer adapted to the changing according to market environment, businesses and eventually found more than spontaneous combustion accident products are through the relevant standard, enterprises and products enter the license directory.

Electric Car

For example, a fire occurred in the beginning of the year serious accidents Jiangsu Sida Power Supply Co., Ltd., is the second batch of power battery into the directory business; In addition, according to industry sources, there raised numbers electric car spontaneous combustion accident "culprit" in July this year--18 650 three ternary battery, also passed the relevant standard test products. 

Visible, immutable standard and can not be completely effective in controlling the quality of products, still need to be dynamically adjusted standards. In July this year, industry experts said in public Prince of winter, the relevant government departments will discuss the development of mechanisms to enter and exit the battery directory, this line of thought and Mo KaiLing developed "Dynamic energetic" standard idea is the same.

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