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The Safest Portable Solar Power Generator

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-12 11:57:32
The portable solar power generator is also easy to carry and the development and design, free installation features, convenience for outdoor camping, because of the limited size, storage capacity is too low, but cost is high. Modular need for simple installation, large capacity storage, both practical and affordable, as more suitable for home users and outdoor use.

Portable Solar Power Generator Advantages:

1.Independent power supply, without geographical restrictions, no fuel consumption, no mechanical moving parts, short construction period, size freely;

2.Sine wave inverter, use the system more stable and secure

3.The portable solar power generator uses a high conversion efficiency solar panels to convert solar energy into electrical energy efficiently

4.The solar powered protable generator comes with battery check function, so you always know the status of power, to ensure the required electricity
battery for solar energy storage
5.Multiple independent outputs, without disturbing each other, for a variety of electricity needs

6.Overcharge and over discharge protection device and overload protection, high temperature protection, open circuit protection and other functions

7.The solar powered portable generator is suitable for less electrical power shortage areas, such as forests, mountains, or the use of field work, etc.

The Portable Solar Power Generator battery is using lifePo4 battery pack.llifePo4 storage battery: greater safety, longer life, does not contain any heavy metals and rare metals (low cost of raw materials), support for fast charging, work wide temperature range.

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