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The Rapid Development Of Battery Recycling Market

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-24 11:53:04
battery recyclingWith the rapid development of new energy vehicles, a large number of battery scrap, our battery recycling became scale industry. Battery recycling issue has become the soft underbelly of the necessary environmental protection, a large amount of scrap battery pollution not only affects the environment, the more life a lot of inconvenience. It is understood that China is currently the world's largest lead-acid battery market, more than 3 million tons per year will be scrapped batteries, which due to the re-refining of lead alloy ingots of lead-acid battery plant for reuse to create new cells, so highly recyclable value, but Because within the old battery should the solution be folded inside a large amount of heavy metals and battery fluid can cause contamination of the market, in fact, the early response to this problem, to address the problem, governments, businesses and consumers should play an active linkage mechanism to promote battery recycling and reuse the use of industrial development, reduce pollution and waste of battery power, extend battery life and value chain.

Recycling lithium power is divided into two echelon and dismantling recovery cycle, recycling channels present mainly in the small workshop-based, less professional recycling company recycling centers and government accounting, with the expansion of industrial scale, recycling channels will We will move toward standardization and scale. Battery recycling system in developed countries in Europe and America, the power battery manufacturers bear the primary responsibility for recycling, our country from 2016 has started to implement battery coding system, the establishment of a traceability system is expected to continue to follow the introduction of a series of power lithium battery recycling, demolition industry norm solution. And how to increase the R & D and Lee Hui Liangyu, and have the relevant safety analysis, in order to actively promote the outbreak of the battery business model innovation policies will be gradually to the market and companies looking for subsidies to promote the healthy development of the industrial market.

With the battery scrap market is gradually being opened, expected in the next two years will form a large market power lithium battery recycling chain, forming billion market value, duration up to 10 years. To lay power lifePo4 batteries recycling business, and have relevant technical qualifications and credentials of enterprises will undoubtedly get some first mover advantage. With the sound future expansion of industrial scale, industry standards, laws and regulations, cost recovery and recycling channels will become the core of competition in the industry, when large-scale battery / material manufacturer is expected to come from behind.
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