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The Production Of EV Batteries Will Increase By 2018

Author: Source: Datetime: 2018-01-02 12:25:32
The production of EV batteries will increase by 2018, but the extent to which it is up will depend to a large extent on two external card factors - China and Tesla Model 3.

If China continues its government will sell more electric cars, Tesla can get bigger if it climbs out of what it calls "hell of production." If neither is happening, the battery industry will continue to grow at a healthy rate, but based on small-volume growth.
Brett Smith, assistant director of the Automotive Research Center, told the upcoming ADM Cleveland conference: "It could be a very high percentage gain." "But the high percentage of a small percentage is still a small number."

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Lux Research expects the global EV battery production to reach 35 GWh at 2018, a 45% increase over 2017. About 87% of them come from pure electric vehicles and large solar power generator battery packs. The company said the rest will come from plug-in hybrids. "The 2018 will be the year with the largest number of plug-in batteries, almost every year," said Christopher Robinson, industry analyst at Lux.

However, analysts say the starting point is a small number, and the unknowns are undoubtedly huge. In 2016, only 0.9% of the 17.5 million vehicles sold in the United States were plug-in, according to the website's sales figures, the battery power is only half that number. Sales are expected to break the 1% target by 2017, but this is far below the industry's final hope for this technology.

However, Tesla may change all this. Earlier this year, Elon Musk, chief executive of the company for the mid-range big forecast, model 3 electric car. He called for production of a week in July 2000, 8 weeks, 4 weeks in September 2000, 5000 weekly in late 2017 and 10,000 weekly in late 2018.

If Tesla emerges from its "production hell," sales of mid-priced 3-cell batteries will have a profound impact on 2018's battery needs.

However, in fact, very different from the forecast, the company sold a total of 712 vehicles by the end of November. Musk accused him of chaos in supply and production - a phenomenon he called "hell of production."

Most analysts expect these issues to be resolved soon, but they still wonder whether the market will embrace the technology as Musk hoped. "We really have no idea," Smits told us. "Model 3 could be a spot on the radar, or maybe something big."

Analysts say Tesla's new models could have a profound impact on global battery production if Tesla "seeks big problems." Early signs indicate that.
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