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The Preparation of Aluminum-Plastic Film

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-25 15:19:19

The preparation of aluminum-plastic film are mainly dry and thermal two, according to the comparison we see that dry preparation of equipment is not demanding, but the process more complex, difficult to operate, made of aluminum plastic film products, deep-forming performance, anti-short circuit performance, excellent appearance (impurities, pinholes and fish eyes less), anti-electrolyte, good water resistance and cutting performance, high energy density, large capacity, it can be used in solar powered portable generator.


High-capacity battery thermal treatment of equipment required for the current, can only use foreign imports, the process is simple, high efficiency, no need to deal with exhaust facilities, made of aluminum-plastic film product resistance to electrolyte and water-resistant performance, deep forming performance, short-circuit performance is poor, appearance, poor cutting performance, mainly used in the capacity of the battery is not demanding on the big Japanese printing DNP representative.


Aluminum-plastic film products, high gross margin, market demand growth is very rapid.


Aluminum-plastic film is an important material for packaging soft-bag batteries, plays a vital role in the quality of soft-pack batteries, and is also a technical barrier in the field of lithium battery materials. Its technical difficulty is far more than diaphragm, electrolyte, , The negative pole, therefore, aluminum-plastic film in the soft battery which is relatively large value, accounting for the cost of the battery generally 7% -10%. Like for using in solar power systems, our lifepo4 battery pack take Aluminum plastic film.


At present, the thickness of the aluminum film is generally three-gear, that is, 86 ~ 88μm, 113 ~ 123μm, 152 ~ 153μm, respectively, for the thin battery, 3C mobile battery, solar power batteries, 88μm and 113μm Of the price range is basically the same, 153μm price higher. In the past few years, the price of aluminum-plastic film down to a certain extent, mainly South Korea Li Cun chemical, Japan T & T and some domestic aluminum-plastic film began to achieve external supply, market competition has increased, for example, Of the average price fell more than 10%. Although the price of aluminum-plastic film has declined, but the cost side is also in decline, so the general mass production, the plastic film of the gross margin can still reach 50%, are high value-added products.

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