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The Precautions When Install Photovoltaic Systems

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-03 11:26:20

Distributed solar power generator system for home building roof as the carrier, the installed capacity to 3-5kW the most common investment between 2-4 million. This paper will be the most common slope roof, flat roof and Caigang tile roof as the main building of the PV system carrier, from the perspective of the design survey to introduce the installation structure and material selection and other aspects. Through the standardization of design, reasonable structure selection, the nearest draw to achieve cost savings, increase revenue purposes.

Judge roof type and roof condition

Identify the roof: the roof must first have a very intuitive judgment, is to identify the roof type, is flat roof or slope roof, or metal roof, and roof composition, concrete, ceramic tile, ceramic tile or the whole material exposed.


Judge the roof construction conditions


1. Use area: First determine the number of available roof area, because the available area directly determines the installed capacity of photovoltaic systems. Second, the orientation of the roof, the roof is best south, because we in the northern hemisphere, when the south is the highest power generation, solar radiation to accept the best. It can also be slightly eastward or westward, generally within a few degrees or about 10 degrees, can be controlled in the power loss is less than 1% can also be accepted.


2. Occlusion: Occlusion is the key to the impact of solar generator systems, shelter, including the occlusion of buildings, as well as buildings around the tall trees have no effect on lighting


3. Waterproof: Judge the roof of the waterproof condition is to see the roof there is no very good waterproof layer, light if the building is not a good waterproof system, the life cycle may not meet the roof of the use of function.


4. Edition type, corrosion is the basic requirements of the roof: the type of metal roof can not be installed to determine the first, anti-corrosion is to pay attention to the anti-corrosion effect of metal roof anti-corrosion paint.


5. Load-bearing, photovoltaic systems to be built on the roof, if the roof can not meet the carrying capacity of photovoltaic construction, then this project is not established.

PV system itself, security and building safety, which includes the fire, lightning and maintenance access, to do all the points of contact to be effective protection. Lightning and lightning protection to form one, the maintenance channel is to repair the time security, must be set aside.

Slope roof photovoltaic system installation panels have skills


1, slope roof roof tiles as roof decoration materials, the battery panel is hung on the roof. How does it hang?


Structure selection, there are two characteristics for the installation: 1, PV modules in solar backup generator are mainly used along the slope overhead installation. The photovoltaic array is laid parallel to the roof, and the bracket is made of steel embedded fixed-point beams;


2, the vertical installation of PV modules and roof vertical bracket distance to meet the installation and ventilation cooling requirements (overhead distance is generally 150 ~ 200mm).

Bracket installation should pay attention to the battens and the water bar connected to the fixed tile. The second is the form of berths, because the following ceramic tile is pasted on the tile through the concrete, there is no water bar, only through the concrete. As a new material, the roofs of shingles are gradually being used more and more because the shingles are re-taken and recovered, and the control is not good enough to leak. Therefore, the way used is to connect the fixed point where you can increase the connection position, linoleum has a certain thickness, thus forming a certain space, fixed and fixed before using sealant to fill it, to avoid leakage Hidden dangers.

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