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The Power Market Opening And Storage In The Power System In The Commercial Application Seminar

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-20 12:21:39
48V 100Ah Lifepo4 Solar Storage Battery System"Zhongguancun Energy Storage Industry Technology Alliance and the French power group China R & D Center jointly organized the" twenty-first issue of public interest salon: the power market opening and storage in the power system in the commercial application seminar "successfully in Beijing, Hunan Building .

A new round of electric reform continued to promote the degree of China's power market is rising. However, the actual progress of the electricity reform, energy storage opportunities in Europe where there can learn from the pioneering experience, which are generally concerned about the industry. At the meeting, the experts closely around the "open power market" and "energy storage in the commercial application of power systems," the subject launched an in-depth discussion.

Mr. Nicolas-Chamoliet, Manager of Power System Group, R & D Center of France Electric Power Group (China), systematically reviewed the development history, market operation mechanism and electricity price mechanism of European and French electricity markets and introduced the most important day-ahead mechanism in the electricity market.

Professor Chen Qixin, an expert on electrical energy conversion at Tsinghua University, introduced the latest development of China's electric power reform and explored the transforming impact of electric power reform on the development of power market and the form of electricity industry. Facing the technical challenges and business opportunities for the open Imagination.

The engineer of Niu Xingyan of France Electric Power Group (China) R & D Center introduced the lifepo4 battery pack energy storage projects that the French Electric Power Group was involved in and shared the experience and experience of the energy storage manufacturers in the power system application from the perspective of the first-tier manufacturers.

The event attracted the support of energy storage industry colleagues, a total of nearly 60 from government departments, power sector, energy storage technology companies, new energy industry companies and related fields of scientific research institutes in the industry attended the Salon, and On the contents of the report launched a lively discussion.

The current salon based on the current domestic power system reform and energy storage development of the common needs of China's electricity market to provide electricity from Europe and France, the pioneer experience and case reference, and then for China's electricity market to provide the right Reform Enlightenment and Reference. I believe that the concerted efforts of all sectors of society, China's power market, energy storage industry will eventually usher in healthy and sustained, commercial development of the great era.
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